Paneling Perks

Paneling Membership Perk

The Perk:

Lead and Assistant Panelists who host 3 or more hours of approved paneling will have a complementary AnimeIowa Membership.

  • Only the Lead & Assistant Panelist roles count for the perk
  • Memberships are only for normal status memberships (No comp or discount to Guests of Honor, Vendors, Artists or Sponsors)
  • Upon arrival at con the Lead and Assistant Panelist must check in at the Events HQ to pick up a voucher. They then bring the voucher to Registration to pick up their complimentary membership
  • If they do not grab the voucher they will be required to pay for their membership at the At Door Rate
  • There will be a cap set to 30 total memberships for this perk
  • All recipients must be the age of 18 or older Friday of AnimeIowa (To eliminate the need for adult waivers)


        Lead Panelist: Each panel must select one panel leader to be their Lead Panelist. The Lead Panelist will act as the point of contact for a panel and has the responsibility of coordinating with the AnimeIowa Paneling Staff about the details of their panel. The Lead Panelist is the individual who will submit the panel and is the only member of a panel that can make changes to the panel such as description changes, schedule change requests, etc. It is the Lead Panelists job to communicate information to their panel team. Only the Lead Panelist will be contacted regarding a panel’s status and updates.

Assistant Panelist: Panels that have two or more panelists will select as Assistant Panelist to be the assistant for the panel. The Assistant Panelist will not be the point of contact with the AnimeIowa Paneling Staff but they must check the panel in along with the Lead Panelist during the convention. Assistant Panelists are expected to lead the panel alongside the Lead Panelist.

Other Important Details:

How do we accommodate different price tiers? Starting in 2018 AnimeIowa Panels will have three (3) submission tiers working on a first come first serve basis. The first tier will open Nov 11th and run until Dec 15th prior to the registration price switch. At this time, all panels submitted in the first tier will be reviewed and panels will be accepted or denied. Any panelists who qualify for this perk will then be signed up for their Complimentary Membership. At the same time those who did not qualify still have time to register for AnimeIowa at the current price before it increases. This process repeats for all tiers. First tier gets first dibs to encourage early submission.

How will we get the info for registration? We have added a section to the submission form for both Lead and Assistant Panelist so that all their information is entered. This information will then be forwarded to the Registration Team.

We will reimburse if you have already registered, unless you are a Sponsor, Staff Member, Guests of Honor, Artist, or Vendor. The panelist will hand in the voucher and proof of payment to registration to pick up their membership. If reimbursement is required the panelist will be escorted to the Treasury Department. Reimbursement value will be equivalent to the value paid for the membership. If the panelist does not have their voucher the reimbursement for their membership is null. If the panelist did not pay for their membership already they must pay the At The Door rate to receive their membership badge.

If the attendee already has a complimentary badge through other means (IE Volunteer hours, Prize etc) then the Panelist Membership is null for them, they do not receive any other discounts.

If the qualifying panelist drops panels before con and goes below the 3 hour minimum they will be notified and removed from the perk. If they did not purchase a badge they must do so at the current tier price.

If the qualifying panelist drops panels during con after receiving their complimentary membership they will be added to our list to not qualify for the next year and may be subject to further sanctions. Upon review with the Paneling Team and Execs they may qualify in the future.

Have other questions? Visit our Forum Post Here. For more details and our FAQ or send an email to