Forum Art Contest 2013

AnimeIowa invites all artists to enter our 2013 fan art contest!  This year’s theme is:

Buu-chan at Café Ai!

The Forum Team joins forces with AnimeIowa’s very own Maid Café, to ask the question “how would we see Buu-chan at Café Ai?” Would he be a Maid or Butler? Would be he the one being served the delicious sweets? Or would he be dancing to the Hare Hare Yukai or maybe Gangnam style to entertain the Masters and Mistresses? Show us with your contest art! For full contest details, and to learn about our AMAZING FIRST PRIZE, please visit our contest info thread on the AnimeIowa Forums.

Cafe AI Signup

Did you enjoy Cafe Ai? Then why not be apart of all the fun! Auditions for Cafe Ai 2012 will be held from October 1st through November 4th. For more details, please visit Cafe Ai’s audition section on the forums, PM one of the head maids, or email the cafe at

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