Cosplay Registration is UP!

Exciting news, all you fantastic cos-players!  You can now register for Mainstage Cosplay online.  In fact, PLEASE register on-line!


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Cosplay Photoshoots

If you want to set up a Cosplay Photoshoot for AnimeIowa 2014 please go to the Photoshoots Forum Topic. It has all the information about planning and submitting a photoshoot session for the convention and getting it advertised. Sign-ups MUST be posted before June 27th.

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Mainstage Cosplay Rules and Sign-up

The updated rules and sign-up form for the Mainstage Cosplay contest has been posted. Make sure you read everything thoroughly if you wish to enter into the competition!

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Masquerade Winners

To the winners of this years Masquerade, you must email your home address in order to receive prizes.

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Mandatory Masquerade Info Panel

Just a reminder, anyone that is interested in participating in the Masquerade must attend one of the Masquerade Informational Panels. The panels will be at 7 PM and 10 PM Friday and 1 PM Saturday. Make sure to bring any audio you need to submit for your Masquerade presentation.

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We need your help. Photoshoots at AnimeIowa are fan organized meetings of cosplayers. This year we shall have the photoshoots scheduled in the Program Book. If you are interested in running a Photoshoot you need to submit it on the forum by June 22nd. Read the rules and guidelines and post your photoshoot Costume Photo Shoots forum group.

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Mainstage Cosplay Sign-up Open

Attention cosplayers, the rules and sign-up for the AnimeIowa 2013 Mainstage Cosplay event are now posted. Now is a good time to plan out your Cosplay presentation to preparation for competition or exhibition. Check out details on the Mainstage Cosplay page. If you have any questions or concerns email

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Cosplay Rules and Sign-up Posted

Rules and online sign-up for the Mainstage Cosplay competition have now been posted. Mainstage Cosplay is a great venue to show off your latest Cosplay masterpiece and compete for Cosplay dominance! For those who wish to show off their Cosplay in a less public manner, there is also the Hall Cosplay competition. For any questions or concerns, be sure to email

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Mainstage Cosplay Sign-up Now Open

The sign-up page for Mainstage Cosplay is now open. If you wish enter a cosplay for contest at AnimeIowa 2011 fill out the form and get ready to strut your stuff on stage! You may also sign-up at the convention. Be sure to check out the Cosplay page for more information.

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Cosplay Rules

The rules and information for Cosplay has been updated. Read up if you are interested in the Mainstage or Hall cosplay contests at AnimeIowa 2011.

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