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Convention Rules

Hotel Rules

  1. Don’t Litter: Trash bins are all around the convention center and hotel. Keep it clean!
  2. Signs and Adhesives: Bring your signs and posters to the BRIDGE before you hang them. Tape and adhesives are not to be used on hotel walls, doors, or any other surface. See the INFO DESK for more information.
  3. Sleeping in Convention Spaces: Sleeping is not allowed in public spaces (ie: hallways, stairways, elevators, video rooms, tables, restrooms, etc). If you are found doing so, you will be asked to move. If found again, we will ask you to leave the convention.
  4. Pets: Aside from service animals, pets and animals are NOT allowed at AnimeIowa.
  5. Wheeled Transportation: For the safety of all attendees, roller-skates, rollerblades, heelies, skateboards , etc., are not allowed at AnimeIowa or the hotel. Non-recreational items such as strollers and wheelchairs are permitted with responsible use.

General Behavior

  1. Don’t be a DINK: Please do not intentionally irritate your fellow attendees or do things that are inappropriate or dangerous. If you see a dink, please report them at the BRIDGE!
  2. Harassment will not be tolerated.  Please see the Harassment Policy, below.
  3. City, State and Federal Laws: If it’s a law outside the convention, it’s a law within the convention as well. This means NO underage drinking, theft, fighting, drug abuse or anything else that gets you into court. Seriously.
  4. Badges: You MUST have your badge to participate in convention activities. AnimeIowa reserves the right to revoke the membership of any participant who breaks our house rules or acts in a manner that is unsafe or otherwise unacceptable.
  5. Weapons and Props: All weapons and large props must be brought to COSPLAY CENTRAL (After hours at the BRIDGE) to be inspected and peace-marked by Operations Staff (see the Weapons Policy for more info). Be respectful of other attendees, and do not allow the prop to damage hotel property. Peace-bonding (tying a string around a sword and sheath to keep it from being drawn, etc.) must be done YOURSELF and approved.
  6. Solicitation: Unless you are a registered dealer or registered artist, you are NOT allowed to sell anything. However, you are allowed to give out FREE tokens of love and respect to your fellow attendees.

Harassment Policy

Every attendee of Mindbridge foundation activities has the right to be free from harassment. Harassment of anyone on the bases of race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, or physical or mental disability is prohibited by law and by the policies of this company. Harassment because of sexual orientation, personal appearance, marital status or other personal characteristics, is disrespectful and also prohibited by company policies.

Harassment can include such behavior as slurs, demeaning jokes or comments, innuendos, unwelcome compliments, cartoons, pictures, pranks, hazing, stereotypical comments, derogatory descriptions or other verbal or physical conduct. Such behavior is considered harassment when it has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment; or affects an individual’s opportunities.

Sexual harassment is a type of harassment that occurs when the verbal or physical conduct described above is sexual in nature or gender-based. Sexual harassment involves making unwelcome sexual advances, or requests for sexual favors or other conduct of a sexual nature, a condition of employment; or making submission to or rejection of such conduct the basis for decisions; or creating an intimidating, offensive, or hostile environment by such conduct.

Any attendee who believes that he or she has been the subject of unwelcome harassment from staff or attendees, or from an outside party at our events, or who has observed harassment, is encouraged to identify the offensive behavior and request that it stop. If you are unable to address the matter directly to the harasser, or if you do and the behavior continues, report the matter directly to a member of the convention committee or staff representative designated to receive harassment complaints.

All complaints will be investigated promptly, impartially, and discreetly. Upon completion of the investigation, the appropriate parties will be notified of the findings. If an attendee, staff or outside party is found by the us to have harassed an attendee, appropriate corrective action will be taken. This could range from a disciplinary warning up to and including removal from the event and all other Mindbridge events.

No one will suffer retaliation for reporting alleged instances of harassment. We must work together to prevent and stop harassing conduct at our events.

We trust that the members of Mindbridge Foundation company and attendees of Animeiowa will act responsibly to maintain safe events, will treat each other with dignity and respect, and will work to maintain events free of discrimination and harassment.

Weapons Policy

Wearing a costume to AnimeIowa makes it a more fun weekend for all! We encourage you to dress as your favorite anime or manga character! We also want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time, so please adhere to the following policy. The intention of the AnimeIowa Weapons Policy is to minimize unfortunate weapons-related accidents, not to limit anyone’s creativity or fun. Anyone caught violating the weapons policy risks being “uninvited” to the convention without refund of their registration and other fees.
Bold terms in this policy are further explained in the DEFINITIONS section at the end of this document.

  1. All weapons and props must be brought to the Bridge for inspection by the Operations staff. Any item(s) as well as some costumes may warrant inspection as well. The Bridge will assess any problems on site and on a case by case basis. Bridge staff will also be happy to answer any questions regarding these items.
  2. Bladed weapons must be sheathed and peace-bonded and may not be drawn at any time during the convention.
  3. Real firearms are not allowed, nor are working projectile weapons. This may include, but is not limited to, toy water guns as well as bubbles.
  4. Realistic-looking firearms and realistic-looking bladed weapons must be holstered/sheathed and peace-bonded into a sheath(s) or holster(s). They may not be drawn at any time during the convention. If the item(s) cannot be peace-bonded they will not be allowed. Realistic-looking firearms may never be pointed at any person under any circumstances. Note: Orange caps on realistic-looking firearms are highly encouraged, but will not be provided or guarantee permittance.
  5. Nonrealistic-looking firearms and nonrealistic-looking bladed weapons must be peace-marked. However, we prefer that they be holstered/sheathed and peace-bonded when possible.
  6. Large props must be peace-marked.
  7. Costumes exhibiting paraphernalia of any military unit in existence after January 1900 or any replica of such will NOT be permitted. Exceptions for individuals on active military duty wearing their respective uniforms may be made; these individuals may be asked to show military identification.
  8. Note: This includes law enforcement from all branches of government.
  9. Costumes such as those listed in rule #7, or accompanied by weaponry that would not be permitted under any other rule, may be worn while the wearer is participating in a special convention function or programming item such as the Cosplay only. The weaponry or items may only be worn for the duration of the function.
  10. The AnimeIowa Executive Committee reserves the right to amend these policies without prior notice and any ruling made by the Executive Committee is final. The Operations staff reserves the right to verify peace-bonding and peace-marking at any time during the convention.


  • Bladed Weapon: Any weapon with a metal edge, or an edge capable of cutting or inflicting significant damage. Some examples of bladed weapons would be swords, knives, bokkens, and shuriken.
  • Large Prop: Any costume accessory deemed to be a potential nuisance by staff given its height, girth, and/or weight. Some examples of large props could be Miroku’s staff or Sango’s boomerang from Inu Yasha.
  • Nonrealistic-Looking Bladed Weapon: A toy, look-alike, or imitation bladed weapon that does not duplicate a real bladed weapon and cannot be perceived to be one. Nonrealistic-looking bladed weapons have their edges and tips blunted, and are constructed of a non-metallic material. Other features that can identify a bladed weapon as nonrealistic-looking can include a greatly exaggerated size, or a principal color that is not black, blue, silver, or gray. (The AnimeIowa Executive Committee reserves the authority to determine whether a weapon qualifies as nonrealistic-looking.) Some examples of nonrealistic-looking bladed weapons would be those made from a material such as paper mache, or the gunblades used in the Final Fantasy video games.
  • Nonrealistic-Looking Firearm: A toy, look-alike, or imitation firearm that does not duplicate a real firearm and cannot be perceived to be one. Nonrealistic-looking firearms are preferably identified by a blaze orange marking permanently affixed firearm’s barrel, and roughly ¼ inch in length. Other features that can identify a firearm as nonrealistic-looking can include a greatly exaggerated size, or a principal color that is not black, blue, silver, or gray. (The AnimeIowa Executive Committee reserves the authority to determine whether a weapon qualifies as nonrealistic-looking.) Some examples of nonrealistic-looking firearms would be those with the blaze orange marking described above, Vash the Stampede’s huge handgun or Milly’s stun gun from Trigun, the “ray guns” used in Cyborg 009, or the Orbo guns used in Witch Hunter Robin.
  • Peace-Bonding: A peace-bonded weapon is one tied to its sheath, holster, or container with a functional binding. It prevents someone else from taking your weapon without permission, and is a traditional and visible sign to everyone that you are a responsible person. Bonding material is available on the Bridge.
  • Peace-Marking: Nonrealistic-looking firearms, nonrealistic-looking bladed weapons, and large props will have peace-bonding material tied to the weapon as a visible sign that it has been checked and approved by the Operations staff. Marking material is available on the Bridge.
  • Projectile Weapons: If it projects a solid, liquid, gas, or energy, it is considered a working projectile weapon. Laser-lights emit energy that can be damaging to the eyes, so they are working projectile weapons. Toys such as Nerf guns and water pistols are considered projectile weapons, but if they are holstered and peace-bonded or peace-marked according to rules #4 or #5, and they are incapable of being loaded or fired, they are allowed.
  • Real Firearm: Any weapon for which a permit is required to carry and/or from which a shot is fired by the force of an explosion or pressurized air. Some examples of real firearms would be pellet guns, B-B guns, paintball guns, handguns, rifles, and shotguns.
  • Realistic-Looking Bladed Weapon: A toy, look-alike, or imitation bladed weapon having the general appearance, shape, and/or configuration of a real bladed weapon. Some examples of realistic-looking bladed weapons would be theatrical props, collector replicas, or toy swords/knives that appear similar to real bladed weapons.
  • Realistic-Looking Firearm: A toy, look-alike, or imitation firearm having the general appearance, shape, and/or configuration of a real firearm. Some examples of realistic-looking firearms would be theatrical props, collector replicas, or toy guns that appear similar to real firearms.