AnimeIowa 2018 Program Book


Here you can grab a bite to eat, get a drink, or just relax. Contents are usually free drinks (non-alcoholic), chips, veggies and dips, doughnuts & milk in the mornings, and “Otaku Chow.”

Family Programming

Family-oriented events and panels. Crafts and lots of other fun activities.

Anime Marketplace

The Marketplace is the one place to stop and shop for Anime themed and popular cultural merchandise from a wide variety of Retail Merchants and creative Artists.

Looking for Manga, DVD or Blue ray, plushies, accessories and many more items from some of the newest and classic anime series you love to watch. The Marketplace Retail Merchants might just have it, check them out.

Looking for something more unique? The handmade items created by and for sale in the Artists Village section of the Anime Marketplace will meet and exceed your expectations. Prints, plushies, jewelry and many more creations are as special as the gifted artists who make them.

*Please note not all merchants/artists have the ability to receive payment via plastic.


Located in the Anime Marketplace the FanMarket is your one stop to shop for all things AnimeIowa and Buu Chan. It is the pickup place for your pre ordered convention T-shirt, the place to buy this year’s shirt (if you didn’t pre order). And it is the only place to get items supporting the convention featuring our logo or one of the many incarnations of Buu Chan, our very own mascot and cos-playing pig.

Staff Art table

Many of our AnimeIowa staff are also artists. Unfortunately their duties at the convention do not leave them time to have a booth in the Artist’s Village. The Staff Art Table has a variety of handmade items by our staff members. Stop by, you will be amazed at how creative our staff are.

Art Exhibit and Competition

The AnimeIowa Art Exhibit is located in the Anime Marketplace and open the same hours as the room. Unlike many Art Show’s where the art displayed is for sale, the Art Exhibit is a showcase for original, fanart, in many different mediums. The competition is a judged event with prizes awarded to the winners. You do not have to attend the convention to enter the Art Exhibit, entries are taken by mail as well as at the convention.

The Dance
AnimeIowa will once again be having a dance that gives you a chance to shake your groove thing. Following the Cosplay, the Main Programming Room will be cleared of most everything breakable, and we will crank up the music for those of you who want to dance the night away. The dance will go until the DJ drops or you cry for mercy.

Video Rooms
This is your chance to watch anime until your eyes fall out. AnimeIowa will be running several Video Rooms ’round the clock throughout the convention.

We are once again hosting numerous staff and attendee run panels, workshops and discussion groups, providing many opportunities for you to make, do, learn and discuss cool topics relating to Japanese and Fan Culture. Check out our web pages for more details on what we are hosting for AnimeIowa 2018!

AMV Contest
Have you taken the time to put your favorite anime to music? Would you like to compete or just show off your efforts at AnimeIowa? Send a video today!

Video Gaming
This year, video gaming will be returning to AnimeIowa. After a year of searching, we finally found someone who was willing to join the staff and take on this favorite convention past time for us. What games and tournaments can you expect to see in the Video Gaming room this year? Check out the Forum for the most up to date news and topics.

Tabletop Gaming
An excellent mesh of tabletop board and live action. Tabletop Gaming offers a variety of anime and non-anime related games for our attendees to participate in.

Cosplay / Hall Cosplay
Aka. The Costume Play. Enjoy dressing up as your favorite anime characters and acting like them for a brief moment in the spotlight.

Room Parties
Attendees can host parties in their hotel room during the convention.

Charity Event
Every year, AnimeIowa picks a charity to support and raise money for through charity auctions, donation jars, and partnerships with other projects like Café Ai.

Cafe Ai
Come experience our very own Maid and Butler Cafe! At this Friday event attendees can come attend a fun filled session where games are played, entertainment in presented and dinner will be served! Check out our Cafe Ai Page for more details, session times and admittance.

Anime Hobbies

Anime Hobbies Department operates a room dedicated to Japanese/ Anime themed hobbies. We will hold various panels based on this theme. In the past these have been various workshop, discussion and contest themed panels on ball jointed dolls, model kits, cell painting and Japanese kimono. Our goal is to spread the interest and awareness in Japanese hobbies, both old and new. 

Please click here for information about our Mini Festival Contest. 

If you would like to submit a panel or workshop related to anime hobbies please submit it here. The deadline is May 31th.