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Here you can grab a bite to eat, get a drink, or just relax. Contents are usually free drinks (non-alcoholic), chips, veggies and dips, doughnuts & milk in the mornings, and “Otaku Chow.”

Family Programming

Family-oriented events and panels. Crafts and lots of other fun activities.

Anime Marketplace
Lots of awesome dealers selling lots of really cool and mostly Anime-related merchandise. Pick up some new Anime, a snazzy t-shirt, a stuffed Cabbit, maybe that cel you’ve been dying to find, that hard-to-find soundtrack, all sorts of awesome stuff – and some of the dealers even take plastic!

The Dance
AnimeIowa will once again be having a dance that gives you a chance to shake your groove thing. Following the Cosplay, the Main Programming Room will be cleared of most everything breakable, and we will crank up the music for those of you who want to dance the night away. The dance will go until the DJ drops or you cry for mercy.

Video Rooms
This is your chance to watch anime until your eyes fall out. AnimeIowa will be running several Video Rooms ’round the clock throughout the convention.

We will once again have numerous panels, workshops, and discussion groups, with lots of opportunities for you to make, do, learn, and discuss cool things.

AMV Contest
Have you taken the time to put your favorite anime to music? Would you like to compete or just show off your efforts at AnimeIowa? Send a video today!

Video Gaming
This year, video gaming will be returning to AnimeIowa. After a year of searching, we finally found someone who was willing to join the staff and take on this favorite convention past time for us. What games and tournaments can you expect to see in the Video Gaming room this year? Check out the Forum for the most up to date news and topics.

Tabletop Gaming
An excellent mesh of tabletop board and live action. Tabletop Gaming offers a variety of anime and non-anime related games for our attendees to participate in.

Cosplay / Hall Cosplay
Aka. The Costume Play. Enjoy dressing up as your favorite anime characters and acting like them for a brief moment in the spotlight.

Room Parties
Attendees can host parties in their hotel room during the convention.