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Charities Project

The Charity Project at AnimeIowa is about being a good neighbor, and giving back to the community. We work with local charities and programs to help bring light to their causes, and do fundraising and other support for them. To achieve this goal, we host a variety of events at the convention, including our annual Charity Auction


Charity for AnimeIowa 2014

This year, we are continuing our support of Miracles in Motion, a charity program located in Swisher, IA. For twenty-six years, they have provided equine therapy and outreach to the disabled, disadvantaged, veterans, and other groups in the community.

Programs that they are running this year include:

  • Therapeutic Classes, which is aimed at helping students with physical and mental development by teaching them how to ride horses
  • Hippotherapy, a form of medical treatment used by licensed therapists to aid in physical, occupational, and speech therapies.
  • Leg-Up, a program which helps at-risk youth.
  • Equine Services for Heroes, a new program this year which is aimed at veterans and their families

For more information about Miracles in Motion, please visit their website at http://www.miraclesinmotion.net/