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Contest Winners 2012

Iron Editor

James Blond – Pedro Loves Rainbows

Art Show

  • 1st Place Watercolor by Meredith Dillman titled “Koi Mermaid”
  • 1st Place Fantasy Sculpture by Hannah Munden titled “Feathered Wyvern”
  • 1st Place Ink Drawing by Erika Matsuyama titled “Cooro”
  • 2nd Place Digital Media Creation by Meng Wang titled “Howlin’ ”
  • 2nd Place Mixed Media by Joan Gordan titled “Wishing Tree”
  • 2nd Place Digital Art by Jake Ruetin titled “Winston”
  • 3rd Place Textile Creation by Victoria ‘Beanchan’ Luck titled “Sokura Bento”
  • 3rd Place Watercolor by Joan Gordan titled “Sounds of Japan”
  • 3rd Place Mixed Media by Joan Gordan titled “Sunflower Happiness”

Honorable Mentions :

  • Crochet Sculpture by Megan Daly titled “Vodka Mutini”
  • Minature Texture Creation by Keely titled “Tiny Kimono”
  • Acrylic Painting by Timothy Dutcher titled “Dandelions”

Best in Show goes to: Hannah Munden for her fantasy sculpture titled “Feathered Wyvern”

Buu-chan’s End-of-the-World 2012 Fan Art Contest

Winner: Buu Chan Powers Up! by soupytheoctopus


Buu Chan Powers Up!

Second Place: The Anime Apocalypse: Buu-Chan’s Last Resort by Zerrano


The Anime Apocalypse: Buu-Chan's Last Resort

Third Place: Untitled by dani-dono