Family Programming

Would you like to share your passion of all things otaku with your little ones? Have you ever skipped a convention because you could not bring your children along? AnimeIowa has your solution. Introducing Family Programming, the cure to your woes. Family Programming is designed to promote panels that families with younger children enjoy together. This will allow AnimeIowa to expose and build appreciation for the Asian culture in a fun way.

If you are interested in your family participating in AnimeIowa Family Programming or have any questions or comments, feel free to email

Family Programming Attendee Rules

  1. All children under the age of twelve who would like to participate must be accompanied by another individual over the age of eighteen.
  2. There is no running allowed in the room.
  3. All Family Programming panels are specifically designed for families with children under the age of twelve. These attendees will be given priority over other attendees. Others wishing to participate in Family Programming panels may show up at the start of the program and any slots that are open will be handed out first come first serve.
  4. Family Programming is not responsible for any accidents or injuries to any of the participants.
  5. All panels within Family Programming will have a signup sheet. Space is limited so please sign up.
  6. There will be no alcohol permitted within Family Programming.
  7. No foul language will be permitted within the room Family Programming panels are being held in.
  8. Please do not bring sick children to Family Programming panels.
  9. Anime Iowa Family Programming staff is not responsible for your child. There will be no diaper changing or babysitting services provided.
  10. Any child left unattended at Family Programming will be taken to the bridge. If you are missing your child please check the bridge.