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Photoshoots are a great opportunity for Cosplayers and Cosplay enthusiasts to meet up for photo ops during the convention. Photoshoots are not run or overseen by the AnimeIowa staff and could be rescheduled/moved/canceled at any time.


Time Series Location Host(s)
2:00 PM Dangan Ronpa Library Tiny Dangerous
3:00 PM Fairy Tail Front Gardens Lux
4:00 PM Doctor Who Back Patio EpicFangirl
5:00 PM Disney Clock Tower Axel
4:00 PM Naruto Water Fontain Apple!
6:00 PM Killa La Kill Clock Tower PockyPrincess
6:00 PM Magi Labyrinth of Magic Back Patio eryia
7:00 PM Vocaloid Back Patio Ghastly_Bunny, XxtaiyakixX, & Kai0Nyuu
7:30 PM Homestuck Water Fontain Hyperionwitch
7:30 PM One Piece Back Patio Apple!
8:00 PM Furries and Fursuiters Staircase Tiamatt_Seirei
Time Series Location Host(s)
11:00 AM Magi Labyrinth of Magic Water Garden Kandell
11:00 AM Puella Magi Madoka Magica Front Garden Banazers
12:00 PM Bleach Back Patio LaRire
12:00 PM Attack On Titan Back Patio Cherry
12:00 PM DC/Marvel Water Fountain Selfi Sofi
12:00 PM Adventure Time Clock Tower Lux
1:00 PM My Little Pony Library Vicky Violet
1:00 PM Pokemon Back Patio Tiamatt_Seirei
1:30 PM Studi Ghilbi Water Fountain LittleQuail
2:00 PM Hetalia Back Patio Micah & Hailey
2:00 PM League of Legends Back Patio Tema
2:00 PM Homestuck Clock Tower Hyperionwitch
3:00 PM Square Enix Back Patio Tiamatt_Seirei
3:00 PM Pandora Hearts Clock Tower Kuri-Kara
3:00 PM Ghost in the Shell Water Fountain Batou
4:00 PM Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth Front Gardens Cherry
4:00 PM YuGiOh Water Fountain Sophie Kitty
5:00 PM Fairy Tail Back Patio Lux
6:30 PM Sailor Moon Back Patio PockyPrincess
Time Series Location Host(s)
10:00 AM Team Fortress 2 Water Fountain The_Guardian_of_Rain
12:00 PM Full Metal Alchemist Library Tema
12:00 PM Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Back Patio wishkycow & Kenzie
2:00 PM RWBY Water Fountain Twistedily & Cherry

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