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Programming Schedule

The Programming Schedule for AnimeIowa 2013 have not yet been finalized. Last year’s schedule is posted for reference.

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Programming Events 2012

“Old Time” Voice Acting
Host: Lucas Schuneman
Sat 3:00-4:00PM Mainstage

Join us for a journey into the Golden Age of Radio as voice actors sit down to live-read from an Old Time Radio play! Improvisation, audience participation and plenty of shenanigans are sure to ensue; so take a trip with us into the past, bring along your Flash Gordon toy gun and try to keep track of Who’s on First.


State of the Industry

Host:Greg Ayres

Friday 7:00-8:00 Programming 4


Eyeshine Takes Over the World
Sat 3:00-4:00PM Mainstage



3DS Street Pass Meet Up and Tutorial
Host: Paul Hotchkiss
Fri 10:00-11:00PM Programming 3 Type: Presentation
Have a 3DS but no idea how to get everything set up? Want to make sure your street pass is actually picking up people? Just wondering what’s been going through the 3DS rumor mill? Come to this panel with your 3DS in hand to learn some skills and walk away with some friends!

9 Hours. 9 Persons. 9 Doors.
Host: Allie Dugan and co.
Sat 4:30-5:30PM Programming 4
Experience the thrill of the puzzles from the cult game: “9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors.” Win prizes, learn about this cult game and its successor “Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward.” Quizzes, Mini Games. Prizes. By unraveling each of the door’s mysteries… Can you make it out alive?

AI Masquerade Information Session
Host: AI Cosplay Team
Fri 7:00-8:00PM Cosplay Central (moved from Programming I)
Are you new to the cosplay scene? A seasoned veteran, but never have been to AnimeIowa? Just wondering what it’s all about? Join AI 2012′s Cosplay Team as we work through what to expect on Saturday afternoon, how not to be late, and other general information regarding this year’s Masquerade.

Alice in the Country of Hearts Tea Party
Host: Alice (Sage/Rachel)
Sun 2:00-3:00PM Programming 1
Need a break from the push and shove of the convention? Follow down the rabbit hole into a new world of wonderland; the Country of Heart. Alice is hosting a tea party since she is able to get out for a little while, but she is not alone. With co-hosts Blood Dupre, Peter White, Julius Monrey and more, hoping to make your relaxation wonderful! Come, sit and relax in a comfortable environment with iced tea and treats, have a discussion about what the Country of Heart is, but also stick around for a bit of Q&A, truth or dare, and before the party ends; a raffle to give off fabulous prizes! Be our guest for a wonderful tea party!

AMV Awards
Host: AI AMV Team
Sat 9:00-10:00AM Mainstage
Who won? Who’s next?! After an epic AMV battle, here are this year’s champions showcased on the big screen. Please note that all viewing for audience choice will be held in Video Room 4 on Friday.

Animal Ears
Host: Natsukashii
Sat 3:00-3:30PM Programming 5
Did you ever dream of being a cat? Or a dog? Or maybe you just dreamt of having their ears. Well now you can make that dream a reality! Join this year’s Natsukashii team in creating your own animal ears to wear around the convention.

Anime Game Show Explosion!
Host: Alex and Zac Mortenson, Adam Baldus, & Chad Kugel
Sat 4:30-5:30PM Programming 5
Ladies and Gentleman! Otaku of all ages! We are excited to return for a fourth fabulous year, bringing you the latest and greatest in all things anime and general Japanese trivia! As always, we are pushing the limits in the amount of audience participation, striving to get even more audience members in on the action! Be not afraid! We have trivia of all levels, from the humblest of anime fans to the most dedicated Japan junkies! And don’t forget the ridiculous amount of FREE POCKY and other delightful treats that we will be sending your way, compliments of the amazing Pocky Launcher(TM)! That’s right, folks! We’ve managed to do the impossible and have an even larger stockpile of pocky to give out than last year! With incredible trivia, hilarious minigames, and delicious treats flung at high velocity straight to your hands, the Anime Game Show Explosion! promises once more to daze, amaze, and enthrall the masses!

AnimeIowa Feedback Forum
Host: AnimeIowa Staff
Sun 2:00-3:00PM Programming 4
Help us plan future AnimeIowa Conventions. You can help by giving us your views on AnimeIowa. What things did you like about the convention? What do you think needs improvement? What do you think needs to be changed altogether? This panel is open to all AnimeIowa convention attendees and we encourage you to come. There will be survey forms to fill out and rate how well we are doing in categories from the consuite to the lines for registration and more. Members of our staff will be there just for you to listen to your comments and ideas. We will be using this information to improve the convention for next year. You are the VIP and this panel is our way to show you that your ideas count.

Anime Swap Meet!
Host: Chelsey Brown
Sun 9:00-10:30AM Programming 2
Have old anime that you know by heart? Wanna know what other people have? Come to the annual AnimeIowa Swap Meet!! Bring any and all old or unwanted anime/japanese related items to trade for new treasures, that include partial and full cosplays and props, figures, plushies, happy meal toys, whatever you got! Swap it for something new!!!

Anime Unscripted!
Starring: Patrick Delahanty, Chris Ayres, Brittney Karbowski, Terri Doty, & whomever else wanders in.
Fri 3:30-5:00PM Mainstage
Love shenanigans on stage? Join Patrick and some of your favorite voice actors for an hour and a half of improvised acting. We can’t promise you’ll laugh; but we you’ll be trying pretty hard not to.

Anime Vogue: A Primer on Posing
Host: Sophia Shannon & Lauren Horne
Fri 4:00-5:00PM Programming 4
Can’t think of a pose for your cosplay? Do all your poses make you or your cosplay look undesirable? Then this is the panel for you! Come let us teach you the good and bad of posing and facial expressions, and let us help make your pictures look perfect from any angle!

Armageddon The Dance Floor!
Starring: Kyle & co.
Fri 11:30PM-2:00AM Mainstage
And you’ll be a gedd’on the dance floor too! Be careful not join the ranks of the living dead! You’ll be dancing so long, you might lose an arm from exhaustion! Join AnimeIowa’s own Kyle as we pierce through Heaven’s Armageddon.

Art Critique
Hosts: Chris Malone & Svetlana Chmakova
Sun 11:30AM-1:30PM Programming 3
Stuck on a sketch and don’t know where to go? Got a finished piece and you want a professional opinion? Bring one submission and see how you can improve your technique!

Art Jam
Host: You-ji
Sat 6:30-9:30PM Programming 3
There is art and there is life and sometimes the line between them becomes fuzzy. So lean over and ask for that eraser. Art Jam is meant to show why you’re living an art-life, simply because it packs you in a room with other artliving people and tells you to draw. It looks long on the program, but you’ll leave thinking you wish you had more time.

Autograph Session #1
Featuring: Greg Ayres, Svetlana Chmakova, Josh Grelle, & Brittney Karbowski
Fri 12:30-1:30PM Programming 1

Autograph Session #2
Featuring: Johnny Yong Bosch, Patrick Delahanty, & Chris Ayres
Sat 5:00-6:00PM Programming 3

Autograph Session #3
Featuring: Terri Doty, Stephen Hoff
Sun 1:30-2:30PM Programming 2
Join your favorite guests to sign a postcard or shake their hands. Either way, they love you all! So remember, 1 item/person please! That way everyone gets to hug a host.

Biohazard (17+)
Host: Veronica Pedelty
Fri 10:30-11:30PM Programming 4
Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan), made famous by its bad voice acting and clunky controls, also coined the term Survival Horror. Come and learn more about your favorite characters and games as we take you from the 1998 outbreak to the present day bio-terrorism that drives our conflict. Be warned; this is not a panel for small children. The games are Rated M (recommended age 17+). Viewer discretion is advised.

Business of Art or The Art of Business
Host: Chris Malone
Fri 4:30-5:30PM Programming 2
I had a math teacher once who told me that I’d never go anywhere with my art and to pay attention to her lecture. A few years later I published my first book and mailed her a complimentary copy. Best feeling ever. Despite what people say, it’s not only possible to make money, it’s possible to live solely from your art! We’ll discuss ways of making more income from your passion, where to look for work, exposure, taking payments, protecting your creations, and even into the pesky things like taxes, contracts, and more.

Café Ai
Host: AnimeIowa Maids
Fri 1:30-7:00PM Programming 5

Closing Ceremonies
Host: Zummy
Sun 5:00-6:00PM Mainstage
You peer around the corner of the mainstage doors. People are scattered about the hundreds of chairs. The numbers have dwindled, but the strong remain. A smile creeps on your face. You survived. You earned the right to lean back in your chair after this weekend. The convention may be ending, but the alliances will hold fast. When the “real world” apocalypse happens, you’ll know who to call.

Convention-al Wisdom
Host: Patrick Delahanty and Lauryn
Sat 3:00-4:00PM Programming 1
Do you love anime conventions too much? Ever thought, “Hey! That looks like fun! Why don’t I give it a try!” Well, this panel hopes to erase that thought from your head! Get the inside scoop into what it takes to run a convention, why we’d advise against it, and why we’re crazy enough to keep doing it regardless.

Cosplay Chess: Midnight Madness!
Host: Kaien
Sat 12:00-2:00AM Patio
Anything goes! Enjoy a match of player versus player!

Cosplay Chess: Vampires v. Hunters
Host: Kaien
Fri 7:00-9:30PM Patio
It’s a classic battle of good versus evil. Only, which sides good? What constitutes evil? And how many questions can you ask in one programming description!? These questions probably won’t be answered. But if you’re interested anyway, the patio will be host for a splendid game of chess.

Cosplay: The Healthy Cosplayer
Host: Prime Time Cosplay
Sun 10:00-11:00AM Programming 3
Often individuals shy away from cosplay because they feel uncomfortable with their own body. Rather than give up, it’s time to use cosplay as your motivator for a healthy lifestyle. With time and effort you can look and feel your absolute best while cosplaying! While not doctors, our panelists have an outstanding knowledge of health and nutrition. We also have long-term goals and experiences with fitness for cosplay in mind.

Cosplaying in Japan
Host: Miramu
Sat 12:30-1:30PM Programming 3 Type: Presentation
Ever wonder how they do it? Wonder how they make such awesome, and sometimes terrible, cosplays? Learn the rules of cosplaying in Japan, what Japanese cosplayers and non-cosplayers think of Western cosplayers, as well as the ins and outs and dos and don’ts of being part of this taboo subculture.

Costuming Discussion
Host: Melissa Sowers
Fri 1:00-2:00PM Programming 4 Type: Interactive
Want to meet other costumers? Do you want to figure out how they did that? Join us for a question and answer session! New to costuming and don’t know where to start? We will do our best to nudge you in the right direction. Wanting to try something a little more challenging? This is a great chance to brainstorm! This panel is for everyone interested in costuming.

Crypt da’Night
DJ: Greg Ayres
Sat 10:00PM-3:00AM Mainstage
You will not be able to sleep. You will not be able to sleep. So, why not, just stay awake? And DANCE the night away with Greg instead? Heart pounding beats and dynamic rhythm will have you moving all night long! Make sure you don’t lose a limb in all the commotion.

Deathnote Mafia
Host: Nikolai Nolan
Sat 9:30-11:30AM Programming 5
Death Note characters take the roles of this interpretation of the party game where you must work with a team who could betray you at any time. In each round, the randomly chosen Kira anonymously removes a player, then all remaining players deliberate who should be sacrificed in the hopes of eliminating Kira. The rules will be explained, so prior knowledge of the game and the series is not necessary. Can the investigators defeat Kira without falling prey to the Death Note?

Digitally Drawing Comics
Host: Chris Malone
Sat 9:00-11:00AM Programming 2
I’ve found that the hardest part of doing a comic is always taking that first step. Once you get started, it’s a lot of fun. It’s my hope that this panel will get people excited to take that first step! Here we’ll cover how to do a full-color comic from concept to completion, using tools like Manga Studio, Photoshop, InDesign, Wacom tablets, and even… cocktail napkins?

Host: Miranda Hruska & Emilie Bailey
Sat 9:30-10:30AM Programming 3
Learn the tricks to use for that flawless makeup! We will present details on makeup from basic cosplay to crossplay, full facial/body, to special FX Makeup (prosthetics, blood, etc.)! Learn how to apply, where to buy, and anything else from the Epic Makeup Masters!

Eyeshine Concert & Post Concert Signage
Starring: Johnny, Maurice, Polo, & Crystal
Fri 9:00-11:00PM Mainstage
The FIRST live concert in AnimeIowa’s history. Experience the music of Johnny, Maurice, Polo, & Crystal from the unsigned band Eyeshine both onstage and off-stage. You’ll hear the dynamic-aggressive edge rock and have a chance afterwards to get those coveted autographs too!

Family Feud Anime
Host: Stephanie, Alyssa, and Michael
Sun 9:00-10:00AM Programming 4
Over 100 anime fans have been surveyed. See if you can guess what the most popular answers are to this team’s quirky questions!

Fans in a Band
Host: Genius Pi
Sun 10:30-11:30AM Programming 4
What is a Genius Pi and where can I get some? Does it taste like cherry? Or is it simply pi flavored pie? Does that make it endless? Pie to the pi power!? That’s genius! Or is it pie? Regardless, see what’s it like to go from questioning the nature of your fandom to putting it into practice with Genius Pi.

Fate/Stay Night – A Dramatic Reading of Heaven’s Feel Ed. 18+
Host: Lyz Edwards and Kyle Cardine
Sat 11:30PM-12:30AM Programming 3 Type: Performance
We return again for the final dramatic encounter of Fate/Stay night! Join us one last time for awkward writing, unrealistic dialogue, Kyle’s hilarious reactions and most of all laughs. We hope to see some returnees as well as some new faces to close out this three-year adventure in the bad writings of Nasu and the Fate universe. This is an 18+ panel as there will be suggestive text and provocative images used.

Forum Meet & Farewells
Host: Jeff Wallace
Sun 12:00-1:30PM Programming 4
Did you miss Friday’s Forum Meet and Greet panel? Want to catch up with your Forum buddies before the convention ends? Then attend this panel! All Forum members are invited, regardless if you’re a Forum veteran or newbie. We’ll introduce ourselves, present our annual MVB (Most Valuable Boardie) Awards, make plans for next year, and re-live some of our favorite Forum silliness. (If you can’t attend this panel, be sure to catch our first Forum Meet and Greet session on Friday!)

Forum Meet & Greetings
Host: Jeff Wallace
Fri 4:30-5:30PM Programming 2
Curious about the actual people who post on the AnimeIowa Forums? Want to meet your fellow board users face-to-face? This is the time to do it! It doesn’t matter if you’ve made one post or thousands: all Forum members are encouraged to attend. We’ll introduce ourselves, discuss what we all like and dislike about the AI Forums, and perhaps review some of this year’s “highlights.” =^_^= And don’t miss our second Forum Meet and Greet session on Sunday, where we’ll present our annual MVB (Most Valuable Boardie) Awards!

Games With A Penguin
Host: Charlotte Uteg
Fri 8:30-9:30PM Programming 3 Type: Interactive
What do you get when you combine a large fluffy penguin that loves hugs and a room full of awesome people? You get Games With A Penguin! Come play games such as Honey I Love You, Frogger, and much, much more. It’s a chance to interact with new people and make new friends. So come on and play!

Gathering All…League of Disposable Ninja!
Host: Ninja Phill
Fri 1:30-3:00PM Programming 3
From their home base con, the best panel at returns! The League of Disposable Ninja will teach you all about Ninja, how to become a con Ninja, how to join our mighty international organization, and countless other things! Win prizes, have fun, and celebrate the mighty LoDN! Warning: Things can, and WILL be thrown at you.

GLBTQ+A Otaku Unite!
Host: Todd Astroth & Nikolai Nolan
Sat 3:30-4:30PM Programming 3 Type: Interactive
GLBTQ+A stands for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transexual, Questioning, and Allies. This is an open discussion panel where fellow otaku of all gender identities and preferences can get to know each other, share stories, and help support each other. Hosted by Todd Astroth (www.astroth.com).

Hetalia: After Dark 18+
Host: Faecakes (Kimberly Norona) and co.
Sat 11:00PM-12:00AM Programming 4
When young nations go to bed, the empires come out to play. 8%!#$8$ listen up! The Empires are taking over (this ship) and teaching you a thing or two about history. The dark and the risqué, we’re baring it all. But to keep you all involved we’ve added in a few games with beautiful prizes, and almost just as beautiful punishments. If you thought Hetalia was offensive before, you haven’t seen $#!! yet.

Hetalia: Ask a Nation
Host: Quynh Dang and co.
Sun 10:00-11:00AM Programming 5
Are you a Hetalia fan? Always had questions on your mind that never got answered? This is the panel for you! With Nations eager to answer your questions, it’s up to you to see how little or how much you get them to reveal. This panel will be PG 13.

Infinite Worlds (Final Fantasy)
Host: Veronica Pedelty & Aaron Barnhart
Fri 2:30-3:30PM Programming 4
In the world, of JRPG’s few names are as long lived or as famous as Final Fantasy. Join us, as we share the lore behind it, as well as some fun trivia about the games, all the way from its humble roots to the mega popular series it’s become today.

Inside the Lives Of…#1
Starring: Stephen Hoff, Chris & Greg Ayres, Patrick Delahanty, Chris Malone, & Josh Grelle
Fri 2:30-3:30PM Mainstage

Inside The Lives Of…#2
Featuring: Johnny Yong Bosch, Svetlana Chmakova, Terri Doty, & Brittney Karbowski
Sat 1:30-2:30PM Mainstage
Hear the behind scenes take and get inside the lives of What really happens behind-the-scenes in the lives of our favorite guests? What constitutes their “real world?” And most importantly, do they stake their toast butter side up? Or butter side down?

Iowan Pokémon League
Host: Amy Strain & Devin Reynolds
Sat 3:00-4:00PM Programming 4
Do you have what it takes to be the very best, like no one ever was?! Challenge the Gym Leaders of the Northern Iowa League and become the champ. This challenge is open to all Gen IV or V trainers ready to challenge the first true Pokémon League. Truly talented individuals may even be able to earn their place in our ranks.

It Gets Better
Host: Josh Grelle and Greg Ayres
Sat 1:30-2:30PM Programming 1
It’s one thing to be teased about what you like. It’s another thing to be teased about who you are. Imagine being bullied around for being both an anime fan & part of the GLBTQ+A community as well. It’s okay. It gets better with Josh, Greg, and the audience discussing this particular project, its aims, and why its always worth it to keep on fighting.

Japanese in an Hour
Host: Charlotte Meyer
Sat 11:00AM-12:00PM Programming 3 Type: Interactive
This is not your typical phrasebook Japanese. You can get that from a phrasebook. A short list of verbs and nouns will be presented and participants will learn how to construct basic Japanese sentences. By the end of the hour, participants will be able to walk around the convention using Japanese to tell their friends what they are doing, where they are going and be able to ask similar questions.

Japanese Tea Ceremony in Anime, Manga, and Reality
Host: Jeff Wallace
Sat 9:00AM-12:30PM Programming 5
Lots of anime and manga refer to the Japanese Tea Ceremony. But is there REALLY a “martial arts tea ceremony” battle? This year we’ll take a look at tea ceremony stereotypes, especially the silly ones. Then you’ll experience the real Chado (Way of Tea) as your host leads you through an actual Urasenke tea gathering. Please join us for this unique cultural opportunity that will engage all five senses as we explore the environment, utensils, and philosophy of this Zen-based art. NOTE: Tea Ceremony will last about 90 minutes. After that, guests may stay for questions and extended discussion.

Karaokeppcaplyse I
Host: Natsukashii
Fri 12:00-2:00AM Programming 5
When the night couldn’t get any better, someone suggested we provided anime fans with a giant room and a microphone. Soon everyone was singing their anime, vocaloid, etc. favorites.

Karaokeppcaplyse II
Hosts: Natsukashii
Sat 12:00-1:30AM Programming 5
So you thought that was it? One night of singing out your fears?! The anime gods demand more singing. They demand it! Whether its JPop, JRock, or acapellapocalypse. Sing, mortals~ Sing.

Kimono Kitsuke: Basics
Host: Miramu
Fri 7:00-8:00PM Programming 3 Type: Presentation
Kitsuke is the art of wearing kimono, and wearing Kimono is an art indeed! With many styles of kimono out there for different occasions, class and ranking, age and marital status, kimono has been an important part of traditional Japanese culture for centuries. With hundreds of rules and required etiquette for kimono, it is impossible to wear kimono without learning the basics! For this beginner’s session of kitsuke, learn the basics of putting on the kimono itself and see how your behaviors in kimono effect how you wear your kimono and the effect it has on others. In celebration of July, the festive month of Japan, Yukata and the various ways to tie a lovely, fashionable obi will be demonstrated in this session!

Leave the Gun, Take the Canoli! Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Host: Erin Lacombe & Robert Hayes
Sun 3:00-4:00PM Programming 3
Wanted: enthusiastic anime goers willing to learn the ways of the Mafiaoso! We present to you Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Follow as your Family handlers guide you through the inner workings of Japan’s #1 Mafia manga & anime. They’ll guide you through the basics as well as set you up for bigger and better things with in the Family. Come one, come all, or you’ll be sleepin’ with the fishes.

Living in Japan: A Gaikokujin’s Guide to Survival
Host: Miramu
Sun 11:30AM-12:30PM Programming 5
Living in another country can be often exciting, fun, and even downright terrifying, and Japan is not exempt from this rule. What is Japan like outside of its popular culture? What is Japan like living there instead of visiting? Cosplaying and Anime in Japan, Uchi and Soto, Geisha and Maiko, Budgeting, Job search, Food, Music (Fanclubs, Lives and Karaoke), Kansai-ben vs. Tokyo-ben, Sub-Cultures and other aspects of Japanese culture and how-tos will be covered and discussed. Get some realistic insight on how Japanese Culture differs from the Western perspective of Japan versus how Japanese Culture is inside of Japan as well as survival skills needed for those seeking a job, school, or a place to live in the Land of the Rising Sun. You will also have the chance to learn some of the “dos” and “don’ts” needed for a Gaikokujin to survive as well as ways to cope with Culture Shock and Reverse Culture Shock. Please feel free to ask any questions about visiting, studying, traveling, or living in Japan.

Lovely Lolita: Accessory Assembly
Host: Gigi Sage
Sat 10:30-11:30AM Programming 4
We are back for our second year! And this year it’s all about the accessories! Come talk about your favorite pieces, get tips on how to coordinate your outfits. Everything from burando to handmade! Come show off your favorite pieces! A small crafting demonstration will take place as well!

Mighty Morphin Bleach Ranger!
Host: Johnny Yong Bosch
Fri 12:30-1:30PM Programming 2
That’s right, you read that title and thought, ‘Dang, that’s jazzy…sounding’. Well guess what? Nothing to do with Jazz. Alright, alright… Maybe not jazz sounding, but at least you found it confusing, right? Well, show up to the panel and find out what it’s really about.

Mindbridge Foundation Meeting
Host: Mindbridge
Sun 3:30-4:30PM Programming 4
There’s a gap between having an epic convention and having a not-so-epic convention. Thankfully, Mindbridge is there to ferry us across into the Epic and away from the mediocre. This is a meeting. They will be doing meeting things in it. Like going over minutes or revealing in their epic powers over us all. Either way, they will be meeting.

MLP: Fanworks are Magic
Host: Sara Ferdinand
Fri 11:30PM-12:30AM Programming 3 Type: Late Night
From fan art to video games, learn about the amazing and unique fanworks that show how much we all love the My Little Pony Fandom. And discover which Bronies you should keep an eye on.

Mock Combat For Beginners
Host: Chris Ayres
Sat 10:30AM-1:00PM Mainstage
When the hordes come, you’ll need every trick in the book to best any enemies. Thankfully, you’ve got Chris on your side. He’ll teach you the basics of mock combat. Only this time, you’re fighting for your life!

Mock Combat Intermediate
Host: Chris Ayres
Sun 2:30-4:00PM Mainstage
Fighting so skillful it could be dancing with the dead. And after a long night with Greg, it might feel that way. But Chris is here to wake you up from a mid-afternoon stupor and teach you the intermediate moves of mock combat!

Mouth to Mouth: All About ADR
Host: Stephen Hoff and Chris Ayres
Sat 1:00-2:00PM Programming 2
In the days beforehand, films had spoken words and lingering voices that didn’t match. ADR changed all of that by matching one mouth (voice actors’) to another’s (animated visual one). Sit in on how the script translates to voice and then animation as Stephan and Chris discuss what makes ADR, well, ADR.

Murakami on the Shore
Host: Abbey Sturm
Fri 8:30-9:30PM Programming 4
Master of short stories and novels, Haruki Murakami is a prominent Japanese author who has been making waves in the literary world and acquiring international acclaim since Dave Hilton of the Yakult Swallows hit a double in 1978. Surreal, humorous, and overflowing with allusion, his prose is a unique intersection of East and West and his themes leave behind haunting ripples of alienation. Chronic and new fans are invited to discuss his works. Murakami noobs: come and learn; your fellow Otakus are a mite more entertaining than a Google search.

Musical Q&A
Host: Johnny Yong Bosch / Eyeshine
Sun 1:00-2:30PM Programming 5
Have you ever wanted to waste your time singing about totally random stuff? Me neither…until I decided to come up with this totally random panel! Listen to the sweet melody of answered questions, totally random answers, & some correlating discussions between the two!

Nihon Buyou Live Performance
Host: Miramu
Sun 3:00-4:00PM Programming 2
Nihon Buyou is a traditional form of classical dance often seen in various Kabuki schools and Onna Gata as well as Maiko and Geiko. Nihon Buyou incorporates some of Japan’s most historical styles of dance with modern enka and pre-modern styles of music. Enjoy a live performance of Nihon Buyou and witness first hand Japan’s beautiful traditional and classical dance.

Oh Kami! It’s Vocaloid!
Host: Allie
Sun 11:00AM-12:00PM Programming 2
Do you love Vocaloid? Want to learn about this awesome system? Then come on over for this fantastic panel! We will be discussing the history of Vocaloid, exploring the different fandoms, having a interactive discussion with our favorite Vocaloids, as well as having a contest to test our knowledge of this ever growing obsession! Prizes will be given~

Opening Ceremonies
Featuring: Zummy & Kyle
Fri 5:30-6:30PM Mainstage
This year’s line up is so phenomenal you’d think it was the end of the world. Oh wait, it is 2012, isn’t it? Well, maybe it is the end of the world, but it’s only the beginning of con. One question remains: will you survive the weekend?

Otaku Media: Collecting on a Budget
Host: Sam & Thomas
Sat 6:00-7:00PM Programming 4
Want to support the industry but not make your wallet cry? Come learn tricks of the trade for collecting media (manga/dvds) in the otaku world on a realistic budget! With over thirteen-years experience collectin, join your hosts Sam and Thomas as they divulge the secrets behind scams, subscription services, and sales to promote the Anime fandom one less dollar at a time.

Painting Obon Lanterns
Host: Robin (Fanilia) & Chris Malone
Sun 12:30-1:30PM Programming 1
During the Festival of the Dead Oban, Japanese paper lanterns help guide the spirits back to this world from the other world. Join Robin and Chris Malone in this hands-on workshop to craft your own brightly colored Japanese paper lantern. They will demonstrate a step-by-step method with cherry blossoms. No experience necessary. Materials will be provided. Limited to 30 participants. Sign Up Required. Located at FanMarket in Vendor’s Room starting @ noon, Saturday.

Pandora Hearts
Host: Janette Dunder, Corissa Williams, & Alyssa Kritz
Sat 9:00-10:00AM Programming 4
A discussion of theories and plot lines for the manga and anime Pandora Hearts. Discussion of characters’ personalities and trivia. We will discuss Jack’s past and the possibilities of his professions besides what is known, as well as what truly happened in Sablier. Discussion of both Alice, “B-Rabbit”, and Alice, Will of the Abyss, and their parentage and how they came to be so deeply involved with Jack and Glen.

Patio Swordplay with Kojokan
Host: Kojokan
Sat 5:00PM-6:30PM Patio
Tantalized by those blades you saw earlier in the day? Want to see them in action? Come and join Kojokan samurai Dan and Jillian on the Patio for an outdoor demonstration of their fantastic weapondry. You won’t be disappointed! Weather permitting.

Pre-Rave Patio Pi Party
Host: Genius Pi
Sat 9:00-10:15PM Patio
Can’t wait to dance?! Kick off the night with some crazy pre-party, original tunes inspired by the Nerdiverse! Mario-Kart, Project A-Ko, and Star Trek?! Nothing is safe! So warm up those dance moves. It’s not how you dance, but why. And we dance. We dance for pie. So bring some and GET A SLICE of Zummy & Master K of Genius Pi!

Revolution of Evangelion
Host: Robert Hayes
Sat 12:00-1:00PM Programming 4
Have you ever wondered about the so called “Deep mysteries of Eva?” Well wonder no longer. With the Revolution of Evangelion we the loyal fans of the series have set out on a cross country tour of these United States to inform, educate, and recruit new fans into the world of Evangelion. Not only will you know the who of this long time series and new movies, but you will know the what and along the way you will meet fellow fans of a growing fan base that will always welcome the uninitiated and always happily talk and discuss all points of the series. Come join us and learn all there is to possibly know about Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Right Stuf Industry Panel
Host: Peter Anderson
Sat 2:00-3:00PM Programming 3
Right Stuf talks about the latest projects for Nozomi Entertainment, including a sneak peek at Nozomi’s newest shows and acquisitions, and a Question and Answer session.

Samurai Dan: Comedy Club Uncensored!
Host: Dan from Kojokan
Fri 10:30PM-12:00AM Programming 5 18+
Swordplay by day; Wordplay by night. Come join Samurai Dan for Ai’s first live-recorded performance of his interactive stand-up comedy act! He guarantees he will make you laugh hard and make himself blush harder. You don’t want to miss out.

Samurai v. Ninjas! End of The World Combat Training
Host: Kojokan
Sun 12:30-2:00PM Mainstage
In this ALL-NEW panel especially for AnimeIowa 2012, Kojokan puts the ultimate question to the test. Learn the real techniques of the samurai. Or the cunning reverse-grip of the ninja, as you hone your skills and then mock battle your way to victory. Only one group can win. Only one group will survive. So who’s going to come out on top? Samurai or Ninja?

Serious Time with the Snakes (MGS)
Host: Gary Dithmart, Aaron Foss, & Roberto Gonzalez
Sat 10:00-11:00PM Programming 3
“Serious Time, With the Snakes”, is a fun filled Metal Gear panel that includes a wide variety of snakes from the various Metal Gear games bickering and calling on panel attendees to complete tasks or trivia for prizes, help with CQC demonstrations, ask questions to any of the snakes they choose, or anything else we deem appropriate, for a fun Metal Gear themed time!

Sewing and Patterning
Host: Melissa Sowers
Sun 1:30-2:30PM Programming 3 Type: Presentation
Has this ever happened to you? “I tried washing my costume and it fell apart?!” Do you want to learn how to prevent it? Have you ever used a pre-made pattern only to find it didn’t fit the way that you thought it should? This panel will cover utilizing pre-made patterns and finishing garments so that they last as long as you want them to. Sharp, Shiny, Pointy! Japanese Weapons History

Host: Kojokan
Sat 1:00-2:30PM Programming 5
Samurai battlefield weaponry displayed, explained, and demonstrated by an expert in 16th century Japanese combat. Presentation features stunning blades from the 1400-1800s and a question and answer session for attendees. Swords will be walked around the room, allowing all attendees a chance to view the swords up-close (but not too personal!)

Shrinky Dinks
Host: Natsukashii
Sat 3:30-4:00PM Programming 5
Nothing is more satisfying then drawing something huge and watching it shrink down into something so tiny it can only be a keychain or a magnet or something to throw. Hey! That’s it! Make lots of little shrinky dink shuriken to fight in the AI-pocaplypse! Just remember: BE SAFE! No one wants to be blinded by your convention-space shenanigans and Natsukashii doesn’t endorse any such behavior. So no throwing or making them sharp! Otherwise, have fun~

Sound Recording from your Basement
Host: Stephen Hoff
Fri 3:30-4:30PM Programming 2
Learn to have your own sound recording set up at home! With the power of dry erase markers and inspiration, Stephen will lead you through everything you need to know to record sound at home. You can choose whether or not you put it in your basement or your bedroom.

Sponsor Brunch
Host: AnimeIowa
Sun 10:30AM-12:30PM Programming 1
Got a sponsor badge? Hungry after Saturday’s super Crypt da’Night moves? Sit down with our lovely guests for a later brunch specially catered by the wonderful Marriott Hotel. Leisurely enjoy a meal and each other’s company as you hang out with the special guests of honor. Did we mention food?

Gregman Wonderland
Sun 3:30-4:30PM Programming 1

Svetlana in Action! Meet the Author
Host: Svetlana Chmakova
Sat 12:00-1:00PM Programming 1
She took the “Dramacon” to “Nightschool” to meet the “Witch and Wizard” that set her career on fire! Meet the author and artist behind these works, as well as learn more about her online presence in the online artist/authorial world. Questions? Ask them!

Svetlana’s Drawing Workshop
Host: Svetlana Chmakova
Fri 3:00-4:30PM Programming 1
Join the lovely Svetlana for a workshop showcasing how to draw what you love and love what you draw. Both budding artists and blossomed deviants will learn the finesse behind the pen. Make sure to bring a pencil and paper just in case!

Sweatin’ To Anime!
Host: Teny
Fri 1:00-2:00PM Programming 3 Type: Interactive.
Have you wanted to exercise and get fit, but find workouts to be boring? Well fret no more! With Sweating to Anime!, we’ll show you how to bust those buns in a fun way! With your host, Teny, you will learn how to use workouts found in anime and video games to help you reach your fitness goal! After our workout, there will be instruction on healthy anime and video game themed eating! Some of the workouts included are from Chobits, FF7, Vocaloids and many more! Come on in to learn how anime can be your new fitness motivator!

T-Shirt Transformers
Host: Robin & Natsukashii
Sat 7:30-9:00PM Programming 5
AnimeIowa is over and you must save the awesome T-shirt you got at the FanMarket. But when you open your closet door it happens. You’re fighting for your life buried under a mound of awesome t’s. You need to do something, but what? Transform those t’s into backpacks, beach bags and even *gasp* sleeveless shirts. At this panel you will see the steps to transform that T-shirt into something new and different and make some Natsukashii memories along the way. Some projects require basic sewing skills, others no sewing at all. Then go home after a weekend of fun and start Transforming!

Tales from a Sippy Cup
Host: Chris Ayres
Sun 12:00-1:00PM Programming 2
Even if you aren’t aware of it, the sippy cup (or giant 48oz mug of whatever liquid Chris fancies that day) is infamous in the convention world. What stories does it have this time around? Where all has it been? And why does he call it a sippy cup in the first place? Chris will answer these and other questions, telling funny & inspiring stories from his previous conventions.

The Chibi Project
Host: Patrick Delahanty
Sat 10:30-11:30PM Programming 1
Adequate.com’s scientific laboratories came into the possession of a small PVC figure of the Sailor Moon character known as “Chibi Moon”. Upon realizing the high level of pure evil being radiated by this anime figure, our top scientists began to subject the small soldier to a variety of experiments. Having failed to determine a method of destruction, we have since moved on to other test subjects in hope of finding a solution. Experience these “solutions” with Patrick, as he continues the mission of The Chibi Project on stage for your cruel entertainment.

The Eyeshine Band is Neato!
Host: Eyeshine
Fri 2:00-3:00PM Programming 1
When McDonald’s took away the McRib Sandwhich, God cried 4 teardrops. Those 4 teardrops fell from Heaven to Earth and started a band called Eyeshine. Duh, it’s in the Bible; look it up. Don’t believe us? Come to this panel to find out the truth, the band, and the music of the anime convention gods.

The Fantastical AnimeIowa Ball
Host: Melanie Pope
Fri 8:00-10:00PM Programming 5
Not in the mood to dance to the skull pounding beats of the typical AnimeIowa dance? Then come join us for a more formal ball! Dust off those dresses and school uniforms and come dance the night away to a mix of slow waltzes and fast pop songs! Dancing skills are not required, just the desire to have fun! Formal attire is also suggested, but not required!

The Good, The Bad, The Abridged
Host: Fayelee Darkclaw
Fri 12:00-1:00AM Programming 4
What have they done to our favorite anime? Let’s watch some different abridged series to find out what they’ve done! From Yu-Gi-Oh to Naruto and even High School of the Dead Abridged.

The Great Debate
Host: Zummy
Sat 7:30-9:00PM Programming 4
You say NAY! I say YAY! And they say, Bray! But, why did they say that? No, why did you say that? I say, we say, “Debate!” Anime versus the Manga or one brand versus another, you choose. You decide. You debate! And yes, there will be prizes. And yes, you will have fun.

The Haku Host Club
Host: Stephanie Goedken
Sat 6:00-7:00PM Programming 5
Welcome to the crossover that never should have happened, but did to the hillarity of all! Whether you’re a die-hard lover of YuYu Hakusho, Ouran High School Host Club, both, or merely curious…we have a seat for you. The Spirit Detectives will entertain all with their antics among their teammates as they try their fists…er, I mean hands at the world of hosting.

The Other Side of the Screen: Directing
Host: Chris Ayres and Terri Doty
Sat 9:00-10:00AM Programming 1

What is it like on the other side of the recording screen? Directing involves more than just pointing your finger and saying that looks cool or shouting, “cut.” Learn what goes on the side of the window that comes with all those buttons and power instead of a headset and microphones.

The Panel That Never Was
Host: Jesse Larson
Sat 1:30-2:30PM Programming 4 Type: Interactive
Join us! Help us on our quest to complete Kingdom Hearts! Well, more like your knowledge of the Kingdom Hearts series. Know any bosses you find tough and need hints? Need to know the latest information on new Kingdom Hearts games that you haven’t played yet and haven’t found time to look online? How about new releases coming out? Come and join in on this panel exclusively about Kingdom Hearts! THIS IS A HEAVILY SPOILER ORIENTED PANEL! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Two Swords of Musashi
Host: Kojokan
Fri 12:30-1:30PM Mainstage
Ever wondered how your favorite anime samurai use two-swords without chopping off their limbs or flowing locks of hair? Join one of the only men still teaching Niten-ho for this lecture and demonstration of the two-sword style of Japan’s most famous swordsmen.

Voice Acting Means What?
Host: Brittney Karbowski, Josh Grelle, & Terri Doty
Sat 11:30AM-12:30PM Programming 2
Voice acting seems self-explanatory. You act with your voice. But is it? Discover how these voice actors entered the field and why they did so. Understand more of the process of voice acting and what you do once you’re well established (or how hard it is to get that way!)

Wait! You Do Video Game Voices?
Host: Lucas Schuneman
Fri 4:00-5:00PM Programming 3
Well, yes… and no. I mean, I don’t “do” voices; that’s more of voice impersonation. I “create” characters for video games along with voices and… you know what? Why don’t you just stop by and I’ll show you what I mean! Video game voice actor Lucas Schuneman will take you through a typical video game voice-over session. Audience participation is encouraged and welcome!

Want to Study Abroad in Japan?
Host: Kyle Cardine
Fri 2:30-3:30PM Programming 3 Type: Presentation
If you are a student and have an interest in studying abroad in Japan, this panel is for you! Are you concerned what it might be like living over there, studying or meeting other students? We’ll talk about the tips and tricks you need to be fully prepared to have the time of your life as an exchange student!

What is “That Anime Show?”
Hosts: Terri Doty, Stephen Hoff
Sat 2:30-3:30PM Programming 2
That Anime Show has taken you inside some of your favorite studios, actors, and anime shows in podcast. But, what’s it like inside their show? This AI2012 exclusive, non-podcasted event will look inside That Anime Show in this question and answer session.

What’s it like to be Unsigned?
Host: Eyeshine
Sun 3:00-4:00PM Programming 5
In the midst of an apocalypse only one band rose to victory. This band was Eyeshine. They are the light that blinds their enemies. They are the force to inspire the masses! But how do they do it? And what does being unsigned mean in terms of the music industry? Well come find out then you curious mortal!

Where did all the Rum Go? Japan!
Host: Dan
Sat 9:30-10:30AM Programming 4
And where did all this rum come from? This panel will primarily focus on the status of rum in Japan, as well as the various types of rum that are out there. Find out what factors go into the different qualities of the various rums that exist (soil conditions, types of sugars, etc). And for anyone with a valid ID, you may find yourself in a lucky position indeed.

Who Wants to Be A Voice Actor?
Host: Lucas Schuneman
Sun 9:00-11:00AM Mainstage
Join voice actor Lucas Schuneman as he explains what it takes to get into the voice acting industry, how you find work, how you keep getting work as well as answering your questions about this fun-filled career! In addition, audience members will be able to participate in a series of voice acting exercises and techniques … and as a final send-off, lucky attendees will be chosen for a chance to try some actual mock anime voice-over auditions!

Xombie Riff-pocalypse
Host: Lucas Schuneman
Sun 11:00AM-12:00PM Mainstage
Voice actor and head writer for the riffing team “The Infinite Losers”, Lucas Schuneman, whips some jokes in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 style at the popular flash-animation movie, Xombie: Dead On Arrival. With a script written in collaboration with voice actress Marianne Miller and YouTube parody sensation Martin “LittleKuriboh” Billany, you’re sure to walk away with a chuckle and a half!