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Room Party

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Looking to host a get together of friends at the con? Wanting to get a bit rowdy while you enjoy the weekend away from home? There is an option for you! As you know, most of the con above the first floor is “quiet” space for those wanting to rest in the hotel. This means that the ONLY place you can have your noisy get together or room party is on the SECOND FLOOR “Rowdy” area. Here, you will not be asked to turn it down, quiet down, or shut off the lights. Here, you can have as much (responsible) fun as you want and do it without having to worry about the regulations in the rest of the hotel. Find out more by emailing roomparty@animeiowa.com or check out the Room Party thread on the forums.

Room Party Guidelines

Qualifications for Hosting a Room Party

  1. You must be aware that you will be sharing the floor with others who are going to be noisy during all hours of the night.
  2. You MUST register your room party with the Room Parties Head or the Hotel Department
  3. You MUST hold an existing hotel reservation AT the Marriott for the con weekend
  4. Your room party MUST be registered by May 1st
  5. You are aware that convention staff will be monitoring room parties for safety

How to Register to Host a Room Party

  1. You must plan the party
    1. Do you have the time?
    2. Are you able to fund the party?
    3. Do you know what will be happening at the party?
  2. Book your Hotel room
    1. You have to hold an existing reservation with the Marriott during the con to have a room party
    2. You need to provide your room confirmation number after reserving your room in order to keep your room party reservation
    3. If you miss the room block and want a room party, you must sign up for the hotel waiting list and SPECIFY that you’d like to have a room party room.
  3. Register your room party
    1. Email roomparty@animeiowa.com and include the following information:
      1. The name of the person holding the room
      2. The days and times of your room parties (even if you don’t know)
      3. Your cell phone number, email address, and badge name for anyone staying in/supervising the room party in case we need to contact you

Once you have completed these steps, your room will be moved to the second floor and you will receive an email confirmation from the hotel team or Room Party Head.

Rules for Hosting a Room Party

  1. Financial responsibility for the room party falls on the party’s host(s)
    1. AnimeIowa does NOT fund room parties. It is the duty of those planning the party to fund it, regardless of if they are staff or not.
    2. This includes, but is not limited to, food, beverages, and the room itself
  2. Keep in mind where your room is
    1. Room parties can ONLY be held on the second floor of the Coralville Marriott. Any room parties found by staff anywhere else will be asked to shut down
      1. First offense: You will be asked to discontinue your party
      2. Second offense: You will be asked to discontinue and agree to supervision by staff
      3. Third offense: You will be asked to leave the premises.
    2. It is possible the room party section will be extended if we have an over-demand for room parties.
  3. Advertisements must be family friendly and adhere to AnimeIowa AND Marriott rules
    1. Keep in mind that AnimeIowa IS a family friendly convention
    2. Posters and Fliers must be approved by AnimeIowa Ops, the Bridge/Execs, or the Room Party/Hotel teams before posting
    3. All wall hangings can NOT be taped directly to the hotel walls. Please ASK before posting your fliers where you can hang them. Any fliers found to be attached to the walls will be removed by con staff at the host’s expense to replace
  4. Alcohol regulations
    1. It is the responsibility of room parties serving alcohol to card their attendees. No one under 21 may consume alcohol by state and federal law
    2. Any room parties caught serving alcohol to minors will immediately subject to the law, and possibly removed from the con
    3. Room parties may not serve alcohol if anyone staying in the room/hosting the party is under 21.
    4. It is the responsibility of the room party hosts to discontinue serving alcohol to anyone who has consumed too much.
    5. The room party host will be responsible for any and all damage caused by attendees of their parties who consume too much alcohol

It is the RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY of AnimeIowa to shut down your room party and/or escort you off the property if you are caught serving alcohol to minors or have multiple instances of non-compliance. Multiple offenses and failure to adhere to policies will leave you subject to disciplinary actions by AnimeIowa executives and/or law enforcement.

If you have any questions please do not be afraid to email roomparty@animeiowa.com or inquire to the Hotel team at hotel@animeiowa.com.

 Room Party Submission Form

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