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Tabletop Gaming

Tabletop Gaming is where you can go to play a wide variety of tabletop games at AnimeIowa. In addition to casual play anytime, participate in tournaments and special events.

Host a Tabletop Gaming Event

Are you attending AnimeIowa? Do you have a game you love so much, you want to invite everyone and their grandmother to play it with you? Do you want some easy staffer/volunteer hours? If you’ve answered “no” to any of these three questions, then just change your mind and keep reading.

Submissions for AnimeIowa 2015 are not yet open.


  • As this is Tabletop Gaming, the event must be relevant to the title genre of entertainment. If it’s a game and takes place on a tabletop without the need of a video console, it works. Of course, some games don’t need a tabletop (e.g. Twister or Are You a Werewolf), but they still fit.
  • Prime real estate preference will be given to staff members (an incentive to join staff because we are kind of desperate), then to events that need more space/time.
  • We prefer you bring your own copy of the game you will be running, but if you absolutely cannot bring it, we may be able to reserve a copy of it for you if it is part of the Mindbridge Game Library.
  • If you will be offering prizes for winning your events, you’ll need to supply them yourself. If you’re a staff member, we may be able to get prizes for free or reduced prices (another little staff perk).
  • Unless the event is run as part of an official organization that requires them, entrance fees are not allowed. If you must charge a fee, please state why in the Comments sections of the Submissions copypasta.
  • Note on “Table Preference”: We might have two round tables this year, but no promises (they are in the current revised plan, though). We’ll have at least 100 ft2 of open space, which we can put chairs in if needed.
  • We must keep some tables open at all times for free play, so space is limited. If you need more than eight rectangular tables at one time for your event, it’s going to be difficult.
  • Gaming events that may be VERY large, rather loud, or pretty adult in content may be better suited for another programming room. If you believe this to be the case, make a submission with the regular panel form. TTG may still want run it, though.
  • All event runners will receive volunteer/staff hours for however long their event lasts.
  • If you have any other general questions about this, send them to tabletopgaming@animeiowa.com.