Hotels for Anime Iowa

Ready to reserve your hotel room for AnimeIowa 2018? Excellent! That’s the best way to enjoy as much convention fun as possible!  Here’s what you need to know…

Hilton Pigs Fly
435 Park St.
Des Moines, Iowa 50309

* BEFORE you sign in to the Des Moines Convention Bureau’s housing system to make room reservations for AnimeIowa, please read the following information:

Reserve a room Here: Reserve AnimeIowa 2018

How to Reserve a Room for AnimeIowa 2018

THE ANIMEIOWA ROOM BLOCK OFFICIALLY OPENS AT 9:00 A.M. (Central Standard Time) ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1ST, 2017! Hotel room rates vary by location and are listed below for reference. Questions should be sent to reservations(AT)catchdesmoines(DOT)com. Please do NOT contact the hotels directly!

Here are the hotel rates for each location per night:
    $160.00 (Single occupancy Kings and Doubles)
    $173.00 (Double to Quad occupancy Kings and Doubles)
    $206.00 (Two Bay Suites)
    $256.00 (Three Bay Suites)
Marriott: $179.00 NEW LOWER PRICE $139.00 (Kings, Doubles, and One-Bedroom Suites)
Renaissance: $149.00 (kings and Doubles)
Comfort Inn: $119.95 (Kings and Doubles)
Holiday Inn: $133.95 (Kings and Doubles)

Tax for all hotels except the Hilton is 12%. The Hilton is 15%.

Previously, reservations required a deposit in order to secure the reservation. We’re happy to announce that the new system does not require this. However, your room can still be cancelled if you do not pay for it upon checking in 

When all available rooms IN ALL HOTELS are reserved (sold out), the AnimeIowa Hotel Team will maintain a waiting list of people who would still like rooms in the block. People on the waiting list will be offered the rooms that become available (due to cancellations, etc.) on a first-come first-serve basis. This waiting list has been very successful the last several years, and we’re happy to offer it again for 2018.

Hotel Reservations FAQ
Hotel Reservation Information