If you are in need of additional accommodations in order to attend AnimeIowa, please contact us at so we can arrange them. If you do not contact us before Thursday, hotel policy may prevent us from making arrangements.

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Schedule and Guidebook Now Available

The AnimeIowa 2013 Schedule and Guidebook guide is now available! Start planning your AnimeIowa experience now on your Android or iOS device!! Check out the Guidebook page for details on how to download and use the mobile guide. Or view the schedule in guide in your browser at

Registration Notice

An important Registration update. Contrary to previous posts, Sponsorship badges will be offered at the door. In addition, the Registration cap will not be enforced this year.

Samurai Dan Returning

An important last minute Guest update. Samurai Dan and his group will be returning to AnimeIowa this year. You probably remember their eccentric samurai performances and informative historical discussions. To learn more about them and our other guests for 2013 see the Guests page.

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Cosplay Chess

Once again this year we are hosting a Cosplay Chess event. It’s Cosplayer against Cosplayer in a deadly game of Wizard’s Cosplay Chess. Two teams compete on a giant chess board in the hotel patio. There is a big game to be held on Sunday at 1pm. BUT WE NEED YOU! We need cosplayers and chess players to sign-up for the event. The sign-up form can be found on the Cosplay Chess page.

The theme of this chess game is School vs Non-school: characters from anime based in schools pitted against characters from anime that take place outside of school.

At-Con Registration Hours

Here are the planned hours for the Registration Table where you may register or pick up your Pre-Registration Badge for AnimeIowa 2013. Once again, at-con price is $70 at the door and Sponsor badges will NOT be available, those are Pre-Registration only. You will not need to worry about the registration cap this year.

Don’t forget about Pre-Registration for AnimeIowa 2014 which you can get for a special Pre-Registration rate.

Friday 9am-10pm
Sat 10am-6pm
Sun 10am-4pm
Sunday Pre-Reg is from 3-6pm at the Reg desk and then 6-10pm at the Bridge.

New Guest

A final Guest update, we are excited to host illustrator Jenn Blake at AnimeIowa 2013. Learn more on the Guests page.

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Food for Thought

With the convention drawing near, AnimeIowa’s Consweet (formerly Consuite) department would like to remind everyone to give some thought as to what they will be eating that weekend. While your convention badge does grant you free snacks and soda at the Consweet, snacks are no substitute for a real meal! AnimeIowa strongly endorses the 5-2-1 rule (five hours of sleep, two full meals, and one shower minimum every day). See this link for a list of restaurants near the Coralville Marriott, many within walking distance!

For more information check out the Consweet Forum thread.

Guidebook App

We are happy to announce that this year at AnimeIowa we will be using the Guidebook smartphone app in addition to our usual Program Guide. This app allows you to make a custom schedule of events, receive live updates, get schedule notifications, view maps and other convention information, and more! The app is has a iOS, Android, and browser version. You simply install the Guidebook app on your mobile device and download the AnimeIowa guide. More details will be announces when the our final guide is published.

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AMV Contest Reminder

Just a reminder to all AMV editors that the deadline for AMV Contest Submissions is July 10th. Check out the AMV Contest page for rules and submission instructions.

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