Hotel Block Opens Monday March 10th

Let the fun begin! Hotel Reservations for AnimeIowa 2014 begin at 10 A.M. this Monday, March 10th, and YOU are invited to reserve your hotel room at the Marriott! Check out the AnimeIowa 2014 Hotel Reservations Thread or on the Location page to find out how.

We suggest you move quickly, as historically, the Marriott fills up in less than a week! Take a look at our Reservations FAQ Page if you have questions, and even consider our Roommate Page in case you need someone to share that room cost. On-site is the way to go and we recommend you reserve your room within 1-2 days of the block opening to make sure you can get there! We look forward to seeing you!

AMV Contest

Calling all video editors! The AnimeIowa AMV Contest is now open for submissions. From now until July 20, 2014 make your Anime Music Video submissions for the opportunity to win prizes and prestige in our yearly contest. Read the AMV Contest page for guideline, rules, and submission instructions. Learn more in the AMV section of the forums.

Tabletop Gaming Recruitment and Events

Tabletop Gaming is where you can go to play a wide variety of tabletop games at AnimeIowa. Board games, pen and paper RPGs, card games, and more are all available for free casual play to attendees. In addition to casual play anytime, you can participate in tournaments and special events.

Are you interested in hosting a Tabletop Gaming event? We are currently seeking people to host events; check out the Tabletop Gaming page and submit a proposal. In addition, Tabletop Gaming is seeking general Volunteers and Staff to assist with running the game room during the convention. Be sure to email if you are interested or have any questions. You can also find out more in the forum.

Panel Submissions Now Open

Are you interested in hosting a panel for AnimeIowa 2014? You are in luck, panel submissions are now open between now and May 1st. Attendee run panels are a mainstay of AnimeIowa and are crucial to keep the con fun and functional. We need quality submissions from motivated individuals such as you! If you are interested, go to the Panel Submissions page, read the rules and policies, and fill out the form. Any questions can be pointed to Good luck!

Help Samurai Dan and Jillian

You may know Samurai Dan and Jillian as regular guests of honor at AnimeIowa. Their North Liberty, Iowa based dojo Kojokan frequently performs demonstrations at Anime conventions across the United States. Recently they have announced they have come under severe financial hardship as a result of scammers. They are requesting donations to help keep their business afloat. Please check out their IndieGoGo page before March 4th and consider making a donation to help them out. Any amount would be appreciated.

Staff Recruitment Meeting

Join the ranks of the few, the proud, the Otaku !!!

On Saturday February 8th, 2014 there is be a Staff Recruitment Meeting for AnimeIowa. If you have ever been interested being on the AnimeIowa Staff feel free to show up; no obligations. Come for the Staff Recruitment, stay for the food, snacks, and after-meeting party. The meeting will be at 4pm at the Coralville Marriott Hotel (check the hotel displays for room). Learn more about what the AnimeIowa Staff does and why you should join at the Staff Recruitment page. Be sure to check out the Department descriptions to figure out what area of Staff you would be interested in. We are needing an additional 10+ people to help staff AnimeIowa at the 2014 convention.