Hotel Reservation Update

The AnimeIowa 2012 Hotel and Room Reservation information is now available. That means it’s time to round up your room mates and start planning your convention roadtrip! Check out the details on the AnimeIowa Location page. If you have additional questions, follow the links to the Room Reservation F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) page which is HERE on our Forums. We look forward to seeing you at the Coralville Marriott for AnimIeowa 2012!

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Staff Recruitment Meeting

Greetings, Anime Iowa Con goers! It’s that time again, the time we invite all you all to our Staff Recruitment Meeting! If you are interested in joining staff, or want to find out more about what we do, then you’re welcome to join us at the Coralville Marriot Saturday, March 24th. Our regular business will be handled from 2pm-4pm and we will begin our staff recruitment at 4 till around 5 or 6. We of course will have food and drink for those who attend, and also have rooms reserved for an after party. Those of legal age are free to bring adult beverages, and fun shall be had by all.

So! If you want to partake in the shenanigans, come to the Coralville Marriot Hotel at 4pm. We’ll be in Coral Salon D. We hope to see many of you there, and thank you in advance for your interest!

If you have any questions feel free to check out the discussion thread on the forum.

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Panel Submissions are Now Open

Panel submissions are finally open! There have been a few changes regarding the Panel Submission Guidelines and Rules. Even if this is your upteenth year submitting a panel, you will want to reread the new guidelines and rules. Proper and well thought-out submissions make the job of sorting through everything that much easier. We need your brilliant programming ideas to make AnimeIowa fun and exciting, so once you’re read the guidelines go to the Panel Submission page and get to work! If you have any questions or comments, email Thank you in advanced for making our programming fantastic!

Important Hotel Update

An update has been posted regarding the hotel room reservation plan and schedule for AnimeIowa 2012.  Click HERE for details.

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AnimeIowa 2012 Pre-Registration Now Open

Pre-Registration is now open for the masses, available Online or by Mail. Now until January 4th, 2012 we are having a special Holiday registration rate of $30. It makes a great Christmas gift, so act quick and be sure to tell your friends!

The remaining registration rates for the year are as follows:

Holiday Special Pre-registration (until January 4th 2012) – $30
Early-bird Pre-registration (January 5th, 2012 through February 14th, 2012) – $40
Pre-registration (February 15th, 2012 through March 31st, 2012) – $45
Late Registration (April 1st, 2012 through May 31st, 2012) – $50
At the Convention – $60
Sponsorship plan (includes t-shirt, any workshop material fees, good cosplay seats, etc.) Learn more at the Sponsorship Program page. – $110


If you have any questions or issues contact

Forum Purge

With AnimeIowa 2011 well behind us, we need to clean up the Forums a bit to prepare for some 2012 changes.  Specifically, during the week of November 28, 2011 we will be deleting obsolete and abandoned user accounts.  This will NOT affect the accounts of our active Forum users!  We will only delete old accounts that meet BOTH of the following criteria:
  • The account has a post count of ZERO (0).
  • The account is inactive relative to AnimeIowa 2011 or 2012.  (The account has not been accessed since 1/1/2011.)
If you have any questions regarding this, or have an older Forum account that you are concerned about, please visit the AnimeIowa Forums.  Further details are posted HERE.
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Cafe AI Signup

Did you enjoy Cafe Ai? Then why not be apart of all the fun! Auditions for Cafe Ai 2012 will be held from October 1st through November 4th. For more details, please visit Cafe Ai’s audition section on the forums, PM one of the head maids, or email the cafe at

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We Heart Japan Charity Drive

AnimeIowa would like to announce the total of its charity drive for this year’s convention!  We raised $3,000 for the We Heart Japan charity! We Heart Japan is ran by voice actress Stephanie Sheh, translator Satsuki Yamashita, comic book artist Pinguino Kolb, Japanese film promoter Rhona Medina and Steve Yun who works at Harmony Gold on Robotech and Macross.  AnimeIowa gladly donates the funds we raised to this organization, whose proceeds go to relief efforts for the areas effected by the March 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami.  Check them out at and feel free to keep on donating!  AnimeIowa would like to give the greatest of thanks to all those who donated and wish the We Heart Japan charity the best of luck in their endeavors!

Lost and Found

Did you lose anything at Animeiowa 2011? Check out the Lost and Found thread on the forum to report any lost items.

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Thank You AnimeIowa 2011

The Executives would like to take the time to thank all who came to this year’s AnimeIowa!

The staff as a whole would like to collectively hug all of you for not causing near as much damage to The Marriott. ^_^!

Damage this year was almost Zero! We are grateful to you all for your concerted efforts in protecting our wonderful hotel home and hopefully a home away from home for many of you. We realize the air-conditioning was a bit of a rough spot this year; we do appreciate everyone hanging in there all weekend. We do not expect it to be an issue again, but it’s comforting to know we have such respectful and understanding members. It was also nice to see everyone enjoying the new Riverwalk. It should prove to be a fun and unique part of AnimeIowa for years to come.

Our staff is working hard to find solutions to many of the problems you have reported to us so far. We hope to see everyone again next year, July 27-29. In the meantime, please continue to help us help you! Fill out one of our online feedback forms or comment on the feedback sections of our forum. We do our best to take in all the feedback you give us and turn it into positive results. Please don’t be shy, but do be respectful. With your help, we can make next year the best AnimeIowa ever!

Thank you all again and again for your continued support.
-The AnimeIowa Staff of 2011

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