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Registration Level
Black Friday Special Registration: 11/23/18 - 11/26/18
Pre-registration: 11/27/18 - 01/31/19
Late Registration: 02/01/19 - 05/31/2019
Child Badge (ages 6-12, price is for Pre-registration and at the Convention): 11/23/18 - 05/31/19
At the Convention
Saturday Day Pass - Good from 10:00PM Friday night to 2:00AM Sunday Morning. For Sale at the Convention beginning at 5:00PM Friday.
AnimeIowa Sponsor - The Sponsor Level Registration includes t-shirt, sponsor gifts,
good cosplay seats, and more. Learn more on the Sponsorship Program page: 11/23/18 - 05/31/19

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Women's sizes are only available with AnimeIowa pre-registration, they are not sold at the convention


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