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Who are Volunteers and what do they do?
Volunteers are a dedicated group of individuals who perform various tasks to help keep the convention running smoothly.

When can Volunteers sign up?
Volunteers can sign up on the forums before the convention or at the volunteer booth during the convention itself. (Nearby the info desk)

Where do Volunteers go?
All over the convention.

Why should I Volunteer?
Perks. For every hour you volunteer you earn volunteer hours towards prizes inside the Volunteer’s booth, next year’s registration, a certificate proving how awesome you are (for any college or job opportunities). Not to mention becoming friends with both Anime Iowa staff and other fellow con-goers.

I’ve never volunteered before. What do I do to help?
First, go to the volunteer booth. There, you’ll be given a volunteer card, and we will direct you to where there is need for your help.

If I volunteer, how long do I have to work?
You can work as long or short as you want to. We know there are panels, and other fun stuff to do around the convention, so you can do as much or little work as you want. Just be forewarned though: You will probably not earn an hour of work by working only 15 min, and if there is a short of volunteers we might ask you to stay a little longer till we can find a replacement.

General Time Frame
Set up will begin on Thursday afternoon (time to be determined, usually around noon), and Tear Down  will begin Sunday after 5pm. Double hours will be on Thursday and Sunday after 5pm only.

How Hours Works
One hour of volunteering = 1 hour. On double hour days (Thursday Set up (afternoon) and Sunday Tear Down (after 5pm)), if you work an hour, you get an additional hour…free!  After you’ve saved up your hours, and find something in the volunteers booth that you want, you “pay” the correct amount of hours for the item (basically they will be crossed off your volunteer card). You don’t automatically get a prize for working x hours (other than the “well done!” certificates upon request).

Volunteer Information Meeting

When: June 7th, 2014 at 4pm
Where: The Coralville Marriott, where else! (Please check the marquee to find out which room we are meeting in)

What is this meeting all about?: I’m glad you asked! If you’ve ever thought about volunteering at AnimeIowa, THIS is the meeting for you! All the project leaders will be on hand to talk about their various departments, give you an idea of what their department does and what they need volunteers for! If you’ve thought about volunteering and just weren’t sure that it was for you, this meeting will give you a chance to actually talk to the staff and find out what kinds of jobs you can do (typical, or super secret specail)!

You don’t have to be a certain age to volunteer, nor do you need to have prior volunteer experience.

What’s in it for me? Again, a very good question! Volunteers are the blood of this convention. We can’t run Anime Iowa without you. Besides having the reward of knowing you helped the convention, you will have the benefit of meeting with staff face to face, and get some free food (probably pizza, cupcakes, etc), and maybe some free stuff. :D

Volunteer Job Examples

  • Gopher –Retrieves items for a specific purpose or need)
  • Lifter –Carries items to particular departments and helps with setting up.
  • Guard Dog –When a staff member needs to quick go get something, a volunteer can guard it for them (stand around job)
  • Badge Check — Checks for AI badges for going into the dealers room, Staff Recharge room,etc (sit down job)
  • 18+ panels Badge Check– Check for Adult AI badges, AND a drivers license) (sit down job)
  • Bag/Luggage Check – Checks bags/props during convention, events, and dances.
  • Cosplay Assistant –Assists those who need help with their problematic costumes.
  • Recharge Assistant –Assists recharge staff by helping keeping the room clean/serving food.
  • Dealers Database Assistant –types up information for the dealers department
  • Registration Assistant –helps get people their badges
  • Pre-Registration Assistant –helps get people their paperwork in for the following year.
  • Art Overseer — Keep an eye out on the artwork that it’s not art-napped or knocked over inadvertently. May re-adjust artwork, or set fallen artwork aside so that Art show staff can put it back up. (sit down job)
  • Peace Marking — Be the person to tie a ribbon on all the cool cosplay props, promoting peace within the convention
  • Meals on Wheels — Take food to On (and off duty) Staff members. *Requires a Recharge room bracelet (either earned at volunteers desk, or a temporary one given by a volunteer staff member upon request from recharge staff)

If you are interested in volunteering and want more information, please e-mail volunteers@animeiowa.com, use the sign-up form below, or check out the volunteer section of the forum.

Requirements to Volunteer

  • Have a willing attitude to help others
  • Dressed appropriately (no shoes, no shirt, no volunteering).
  • Are 13 years of age or older to volunteer by themselves. Those who are 13 and under must be accompanied by a registered adult to volunteer.
  • Are responsible (in working and documenting their own hours worked)
  • Are respectful to others, and others property.

Requirements to redeem volunteer hours

  • Must have a current year convention badge
  • Must have a volunteer card with volunteer jobs worked/hours earned and initialed by a staff member.

Parents or siblings may volunteer at the convention, but they must have a convention badge to redeem hours. They can however, check out a volunteer badge (must leave behind a drivers license, or some form of identification) to volunteer, but will be unable to earn hours towards prizes in the volunteers

Regarding Misbehavior

If you are caught breaking any Anime Iowa convention rules, hotel rules, or laws at the convention, Anime Iowa Staff reserve the right to dock hours earned (subtract as little or many they deem acceptable) or confiscate your volunteer card indefinitely.

If you witness someone breaking any Anime Iowa convention rules, hotel rules, or laws at the convention, try to get their badge name or ID and report it immediately to a ranger (someone with a radio), staff member, the volunteer staff in the volunteers booth or at the bridge. We want to keep this a happy friendly family convention so that everyone can have a good time. :)

Sign-up Form

If you are interested in volunteering you can use the form below to get in contact with the Volunteers department. Be sure to indicate what you would be interested in helping with. If it happens you are interested in something not on the list, go ahead ask anyways.

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