Thank You AnimeIowa 2011

The Executives would like to take the time to thank all who came to this year’s AnimeIowa!

The staff as a whole would like to collectively hug all of you for not causing near as much damage to The Marriott. ^_^!

Damage this year was almost Zero! We are grateful to you all for your concerted efforts in protecting our wonderful hotel home and hopefully a home away from home for many of you. We realize the air-conditioning was a bit of a rough spot this year; we do appreciate everyone hanging in there all weekend. We do not expect it to be an issue again, but it’s comforting to know we have such respectful and understanding members. It was also nice to see everyone enjoying the new Riverwalk. It should prove to be a fun and unique part of AnimeIowa for years to come.

Our staff is working hard to find solutions to many of the problems you have reported to us so far. We hope to see everyone again next year, July 27-29. In the meantime, please continue to help us help you! Fill out one of our online feedback forms or comment on the feedback sections of our forum. We do our best to take in all the feedback you give us and turn it into positive results. Please don’t be shy, but do be respectful. With your help, we can make next year the best AnimeIowa ever!

Thank you all again and again for your continued support.
-The AnimeIowa Staff of 2011