Message from the Execs

AnimeIowa 2014 has come to a close, and we want to thank everyone for making the convention the best ever! We had record breaking attendance, wonderful guests, and look forward to taking that momentum into next year.

While experiencing that growth, we also encountered a new set of issues. For example, our volunteer base did not grow at the same rate as attendance. As you can imagine, that accounted for some disorganization as we scrambled to make sure things continued to run smoothly with fewer staff per attendee. We also had first time policies, plans, and outright experiments that were put in place to alleviate some of the concerns of previous conventions. Some of these worked, some of these did not. We will evaluate every aspect of the convention and continue to make improvements.

Another aspect of the convention that we will address is security. This is a top priority for next year and we will investigate ways to help attendees feel they are in a safe environment while not turning into a draconian institute. This will be an effort from both staff and attendees and we will require cooperation on both fronts in order to succeed. Keep in touch through the AI Forums this year to provide feedback and see our progress.

Again, we thank you for being part of a highly successful year and look forward to making next year even better. This is your convention, and we hope you will stop and take pride in what you have helped AnimeIowa become. We also hope you will continue to help us make it the best it can be!


AnimeIowa 2014 Executives