Your Con, Your Contest

The Contests Team has one last contest, and it’s something that you can do at the convention: Take a picture of yourself having fun at the convention, and post it to social media. We all see and interact with the convention in a different way, and with this being our last year at the Coralville Marriott let’s make it something truly to remember.

To enter, simply tag us a picture of yourself on either Facebook (@AnimeIowaCon) or Twitter (@AnimeIowa), with the appropriate hashtag:

If you’re wearing cosplay, then use #AnimeIowaCosplay
If you’re not in a costume, then use #AnimeIowaNosplay
And if you’re staffing the convention, then use #AnimeIowaStaff

We’ll have three rounds of judging, held at different times of the convention:
All day Friday (Friday 8:00AM through 11:59PM)
Early Saturday (Saturday 12:00AM through 3:00PM)
Late Saturday (Saturday 3:00PM through 11:59PM)

As per usual, full details are available on the forums.