The Winners of Three Contests

Since June, the Contest Department has held three Contests. Today we are pleased to announce the winners. So without further ado, please welcome…

For our microfiction contest “A Tiny Tale”, the winners are:
1st Place: Karen H.
2nd Place: Grace H.
3rd Place: Victor M.

The winning entry is as follows:

The red and white carnival tents had appeared overnight as if by magic. There’d been no sound, no tire tracks or footprints left in the dirt to indicate the direction traveled to reach this Iowa field. A single banner, strung across Main Street, announced that the Dark Carnival of Pigs had arrived. Worse still, Buu-Chan had gone missing. Disquietude permeated the air, and folks spoke in hushed nervous tones, contemplating what it may all mean. A single red ribbon and a missing whisk broom, the only clues. No one would look for Buu-Chan. No one dared.

For our mixed media art contest “Mixed Up!”, the winners are:
1st Place: Hilary S.
2nd Place: Rory H.
3rd Place: Karen H.

The winning entry:

Art by Hilary S.

And finally, for our photography contest “A Shutter in the Dark”, the winners are:
1st Place: Denna M.
2nd Place: Anna L.
3rd Place: Doug B.

The winning entry:

Photo by Denna M.

Thank you to all of our participants. Please come to the Events Desk during the convention to pick up your participation ribbons or prizes.