Thank You for an Amazing 2017

Thank you.

For such a seemingly simple string of characters, they represent so much more than meets the eye at first glance. Not only can they show appreciation, but they can also signify a warm nostalgia.

For eleven years, we have called the Coralville Marriott our home. For many of our staff and attendees, the Coralville Marriott has been the only home that we have known. Even though we announced the move in 2015, it was only as we were planning for this year that the true gravity hit: this was the final year here.

We hope everyone took in the time to reflect on the small things that made the Coralville Marriott such an interesting home. The large patio and walkways over the river. The winding hallways. The insanely powerful air conditioning that sometimes resulted in sections of the convention freezing. Even the “Naruto curtains,” which seemed oddly appropriate given that we are anime convention. But even if you didn’t take the time reflect on the small things, we at least hope the last year was memorable, and that you made some amazing friends along the way.

We could wax nostalgic for ages, so we just want to again say: Thank you.

To the Coralville Marriott and its staff: thank you for an amazing eleven year run. Some years were more eventful than others, but you were always gracious hosts.
To the attendees: thank you for your continued support. Truly, you are the best fans that any convention could have.
To our merchants and artisans: thank you for being a part of a great dealers hall. Our wallets still ache.
To our Guests of Honor: thank you for visiting and sharing in the memories with our fans.
And finally, to our staff and volunteers: thank you for your hard work. We went through a lot, but in the end we made it through because you all pulled together.

Now as we close one chapter of our history, we start a new chapter. Next year we are celebrating our new home with AnimeIowa 2018: Where Pigs Fly! Mark your calendars, because we’re landing on July 13-15, 2018.

– Your ever thankful AnimeIowa 2017 Executive Team