Online Pre-Registration closing Soon – Act now before it’s too Late – And Yes it WORKS!!!!!

No time left to lose I Must Register NOW! Registration is extended to this Sunday June 2nd at 11:59 PM.

If I don’t I will miss the Rave. I will miss the Marketplace and all the Model kits I can buy – ALL the commissions I can get in the Artists Alley. I won’t get an Autograph from J. Michael Tatum or Lauren Landa. I will never get another chance to see TiA and Kohei in concert. And the Panels, the Photo shoots, the POCKIE my head is going to explode I must go. Now if I can get Buu Chan to let me off his head and get him off the computer I can pre-register! (Or someone could just tell the poor puppy he can Register at the Door)

Click the link below to go the the Registration Page for information and a link to the Online Registration Form. Or click the link in the sidebar of this page to go straight to the Online Registration Form.

Go to our Registration Page for details and the link to the Online Registration Form