Announcement from AnimeIowa Labs

This year, AnimeIowa Labs is inviting AnimeIowa attendees, guests, and staff to help research a brand new vaccine for Con Plague. Many regular convention attendees will already be familiar with the symptoms: Lethargy, groaning, shuffling about, and inexplicable odors similar to unwashed human flesh, all of which render us yet more vulnerable to the horrors of reality in this post-apocalyptic world. AnimeIowa Labs is looking forward to advancing the course of science, and would like to assure everyone that the vaccine is totally and completely safe, with no risk of mutation or infection.

How can you can help us research a cure for Con Plague at AnimeIowa?

  • Join Buu-Chan and fellow scientists in a special scavenger hunt to find important vaccine components!
  • Help synthesize the cure for this mysterious affliction in our apocalyptic escape rooms!
  • Test the vaccine itself and overcome or relapse by participating in our ongoing convention-wide infection game!

For full details and to participate, come to the AnimeIowa 2019 convention!