Remember to Pack a Little Love

It’s only three(!) days until AnimeIowa 2019 begins, and our staff know that people are busy getting prepared and packed for the convention. Whether it’s just the essentials (clothing and toiletries), costumes and props, or even swag to trade at our Swap meets, we know that people are making their lists, and checking it twice.

Our Charities Team would love to ask everyone to just pack a little love for the convention. A lot of us have items that we don’t use anymore, and are just collecting dust. Small donations of items to our charity auction could really help make the difference for a lot of people, especially since we are supporting Families Helping Families of Iowa, Inc. Anything you wish to donate to our charity auction is massively appreciated, and donations can be dropped off at the Info Desk.

Some ideas of items that traditionally do well at the charity auction include:
* DVDs and Blu-rays
* Manga and books
* Artwork and Craftwork
* Japanese cultural items
* Merchandise and collectibles

Items that we can not take include:
* Broken or damaged items
* VHS tapes

Even if you can’t donate items to our Charity Auction, you can still support it by being there on Sunday 11:30AM-2:00PM in Programming 3. We also have a special donation by our friends at RightStuf, where we will be auctioning a Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Collector’s Ultra Edition Blu-Ray paired with a photo of the Japanese voice actor of Chang Wu Fei.

Thank you for your support, and for the love you have shown not only our convention, but to the community as well.