AnimeIowa 2020 “The shirt without a Convention” Goes Virtual!

Art by Shawn King

In 2019 the staff of AnimeIowa began to envision their return to Coralville, and plan AnimeIowa’s 24th annual get together of like minded Anime fans. We were on track for the event to be held back at AI’s longtime home the Marriott Hotel and Conference center.

Unfortunately the world changed and on May 8th we announced the cancelation of our in person event. We feel that the health and safety of our Attendees, Guests, Staff; as well as those presenting panels/workshops, and the artists and merchants in our Marketplace was our top priority.

Still we couldn’t envision a year without AnimeIowa…

So get your cosplay costume ready, and plan to get together with the AnimeIowa staff on Saturday August 1st and Sunday August 2nd for the 24th annual AnimeIowa – gone virtual.

Check out the Virtual convention menu, or use the buttons below, for your entrance to all things AnimeIowa online.

You can order your special edition AnimeIowa 2020 “The shirt without a convention” T-shirt delivered directly to your home.

Enter the online Hall Cosplay Photo Contest and the our Cosplay Video Showcase

Enter your artworks into the AnimeIowa Art Show.

AnimeIowa is having on online Runway Show featuring EGL fashions and a special bonus J-fashion portion. Enjoy the show or better still participate in the show. Check out the Virtual EGL Runway Show in the Virtual Con 2020 menu.

Art by Shawn King

Attend panels, workshops, and much much more. Check the AnimeIowa website’s Virtual con 2020 menu or your favorite social media sources for information and updates.