AnimeIowa Virtual Art Show/Auction

Art by Joan Gordon

Calling all artists! Art show is returning to AnimeIowa this year! 

Yes-you read that right! Despite being online, there will be an Art Show during AnimeIowa! And we need your submissions! We are attempting to keep as much as we possibly can of the live-in-person feel of a traditional convention art show.

How this will work:

  • The show will be held both days of the online-virtual convention from Saturday Aug. 1st, through Sunday Aug. 2nd.
  • It will be located here on the AnimeIowa website. Attendees will be allowed to browse & bid/buy works directly from you!
  • Each artist will be allowed up to 25 unique pieces to be put on display in our virtual galleries.
  • Image/photo upload information is on the entry form which includes maximum file sizes, DPI for image displaying and how to best upload your artwork.
  • There will be a ‘hang’ fee of $5.00 plus $.50/per item for over 10 items.
  • Each artist will include artwork’s name, size, and beginning bid pricing of your artwork. Also you have the option of including a buy it now price
  • After the close of the convention on Aug. 2nd. AnimeIowa will notify artists by email of which artworks sold, the price the work sold at the the contact information of the buyer. The process may take a few days after the convention closes, but we will work as fast as possible.
  • Each artist will be responsible for contacting the buyer, arranging payment, and shipping out their sold pieces. 
  • Entry deadline will be July 23th, 2020.

For further information & questions regarding AI Art Show, send an email to

To register for entry please click below and fill out the information form.