AMV Contest

AnimeIowa AMV Contest – 2021

Exceptions may be made to the following rules at the discretion of the AMV head.

Questions may be forwarded to or sent through the AnimeIowa contact form.

The Basics:

The AnimeIowa AMV Contest will be split into two parts: The Main Contest and the After Dark Contest (18+).  The following are the rules which apply to both contests.

The Main contest:

  1. The Main AMV Contest is open to all registered attendees and staff.  However, only those 18 or older will be allowed to enter the After Dark Contest.
  2. All entries in the Main Contest must be PG-13 or lower – including music and video!  Feel free to check to see which contest it is appropriate for.  (Any submitted AMV deemed inappropriate for the Main Contest will be moved to After Dark, including any AMV found to contain hentai.)
  3. Your entry in the contest does not guarantee that the video will be shown during the AMV event. We screen all videos to make sure the content is acceptable for our viewing audience.
  4. Any contestant who submits video(s) for the AMV contests must be present at the convention in order to receive any prizes won.  You may send a proxy if you cannot make it to the event.


All AMVs submitted to both contests will be judged according to certain criteria.  They include:

  • Emotional appeal (Did you laugh, cry, or get angry?)
  • Storytelling
  • Aesthetics (visual appeal)
  • Technical skill – use of effects, flow, sync to music
  • Originality

AMV editors for the Main Contest can submit for one of the following categories:

  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Action
  • Category X (catch all, does not fit into other categories)
  • First AMV

Best in show is chosen by you, our audience!  If you would like to help choose our Best in Show winner, come to the AMV Room during viewing hours and fill one out!

A seventh and final category was added last year, First AMV.  Please tell us if you are submitting an AMV for the first time so that we can add it to this very special group.

Please note that if you don’t mark a category for your submission(s), the submission will be placed into a category determined by the judges.  It’s best if you mark a category so that it’s not put in the wrong place.


All AMVs submitted must adhere to the following:

  1. Submissions must be at least 1 minute long.  They may not exceed 5 minutes.
  2. Contestants may submit up to 3 videos for each contest, marked with priority for judging.  If cuts need to be made, your lower priority video(s) will be removed first.
  3. All submissions must be size of at least 640×480, a minimum resolution of 480p and be compatible with the latest version of VLC or Zoom player. Preferred video types are: avi, mpeg, mp4 and wmv
  4. No subtitles.  All footage must be clean, though added text for sound effects is allowed.
  5. Credits.  Credits are allowed in AMVs, at the beginning or end of the submission. They can be in the corner (like a music video), or be a 3-5 second part.  They are not allowed to exceed 5 seconds.
  6. All submissions must be an original composition of the contestant.  Plagiarism is immediate grounds for disqualification.

Any contestant found to be in violation of ANY of the above rules will be immediately disqualified.  No exceptions.


AMV After Dark submissions are open to registered attendees and staff 18 years and older.  This means you do not have to follow the main contest rules of no hentai and PG-13. However, all rules in the criteria section still apply.


Submissions will open on “Add Date” and remain open until “Add Date”.  All submissions must be received by midnight on the closing date.

Please note that online submission is preferred.  Google Drive is our preferred method, though contestants may use 4shared, Dropbox, or another hosting site.

Physical materials may be sent to:

“Add mailing address for materials here”  

Any and all physical materials sent in as part of the submission process will become the property of ANIMEIOWA and will not be returned.

After you have submitted your entry, you should receive a confirmation email within 7 days.  If you haven’t received a confirmation, please send an email directly to, or send a PM to user Yuko on the forums.

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