AnimeIowa Hobbies

AnimeIowa is excited to recognize, and support the hobbies and interests that surround Japanese culture. Including crafts which highlight the creative and fun side of the Culture.  Interests that include, but are definitely not limited to, Ball Jointed Dolls, Plushie Making, Figure Kits, Gunpla (Gundam Style) Kits and Model Kits.

AnimeIowa Hobbies Paneling Schedule and Submission

Panel Submissions are now open for 2020 if you would like to submit a panel go to our Submissions page. There will be tons of great panels this year. Stay tuned for the paneling schedule coming soon

Mini Festival: A Doll, Figure, and Model Contest

Both advanced craftsmen and beginners alike can enter their Dolls, Handmade Plushies, Model Kits, Gunpla, and Figure Kits. Any age can enter! Our distinguished panel of judges will decide on the winners in multiple categories. You may enter as many times as you like. Please note that entries may be limited depending on popularity. Please apply early to ensure your spot. Submit a form for each entry. Awesome prizes will be awarded. If you are unable to attend the convention you may send your entry with a designated attendee/proxy. Please fill out a form with a detailed description of your item and that will be read during the panel.

If you would like to exclude yourself from the contest but would love to show something off, please bring it! We would love to see it. We will have a location during the panel for you to display your items. 

The Contest time and location will be announced soon.


  1. AnimeIowa is a family convention. No model kit or doll nudity/hentai allowed.
  2. No outside commissions. You must do the work yourself.
  3. You must sign up for the contest prior to the panel time. This may be done by online form or at the Event Desk up to the time of the contest.
  4. No Bootlegs or Recasts allowed.
  5. Judges are not allowed to enter the contest, but they may exhibit.

Model, Figures and Gunpla:

  1. You may enter scratch built, hand sculpted, pepakura, Lego, customs and repaints, assembled or any other material that can build a 3D model.
  2. Entries must be anime, Japanese culture, or video game themed.

Doll Costume Rules:

  1. All costumes must be created or modified by the contestant.
  2. Manufactured accessories are acceptable as long as they are not the main focus of the design.
  3. You may enter any kind of doll.
  4. Modified costumes are fine. Please note on your entrance form that it is modified and what you did to change it.
  5. Modification can include re-purposed items. Modification is when you piece together existing items by cutting and sewing, etc.

Doll Customization Rules:

  1. Customization can be anything from a face-up to full customization.
  2. All customizations must be done by you.
  3. You may enter any kind of doll.
  4. Modified dolls are fine. Please note on your entrance form that it is modified and what you did to change it.

Plushie Customization and Handmade Plushie Rules:

  1. Customization can be taking a base plushie and making it a handmade costume or changing the plush into something entirely different.
  2. All customizations must be done by you.
  3. Please note all customization changes on your entry form.
  4. All plushie entries should be Anime or Japanese culture themed.

We reserve the right to disqualify any entries that do not apply the rules.

All contestants and exhibitors assume responsibility and liability for losses and damages.

Any questions? Please write an e-mail to