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It’s Raining Color

60% nerd, 40% artist, kind of. You want some fanart? Heck, I got you covered. I have tons of buttons, prints, stickers and keychains featuring fanart from anime, cartoons, video games, and more. You want original art? I got you covered there, too! If you want something bright and colorful (and nerdy) to decorate your wall, bag, vest, or what have you, I’m the place to go! Come check out my online shop on Storenvy! 


Mexican Concept Artist and Illustrator that is based in Chicago, Illinois. I create merch and illustrations of some of my favorite video game and anime series in the form of artwork prints, acrylic charms, acrylic stands, and enamel pins!

JBlake Design

I have art prints, holographic prints, cool clear and holographic charm keychains, tote bags, iron-on patches, vinyl stickers, magnets, and more!! I draw everything from anime, gaming, pop culture, animals, furries, skulls, memes & original occult art! 🙂 

Because of my cancelled cons, my whole shop is now 10-20% off! No code needed! <3 


Hi! I’m Jet and I create comics, music, and original works centered around the DreamersEcho universe. Two volumes of the epic adventure sound-comic are for sale, but I’d like to invite Anime Iowa fans to an audio-fiction odyssey that is FREE to listen to on nearly all podcast apps (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and MORE) and on my website! Original commissions, behind-the-scenes content, exclusive merch, and ad-free content is available at .

DreamersEcho | Epic Adventure SoundComic & Podcast
​DreamersEcho is an epic sci-fi fantasy adventure about the power of dreams and how they affect real life. Set in a world forbidden to dream, eons after the promise of Dreams once brought prosperity, evolution, and power to the ancient people of Mondrea.


I make high quality merchandise showcasing a variety of popular and obscure characters from your favorite anime and cartoons! You can come in expecting stickers, keychains, mini prints, and large prints of Hunter x Hunter, Castlevania, Transformers, Steins;Gate, Gargoyles, The Promised Neverland, Star Trek, Mononoke, and much more. Check us out and see if you can find something for yourself!

Magpie’s  Masquerie  LLC

At anime events, Magpie’s Masquerie is best known for the plush FruitBats, CupCake Bats, and Flappuccino the coffee-loving bat! Our Etsy shop is full of kawaii goodness and magic <3

Marcotte Studios

 I offer a variety of art prints and charms done in a fun, colorful style! Including fandoms I’m into such as Fire Emblem, Danganronpa, & JoJo.

Free shipping on all items for a limited time!