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Merchandise Information

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What sites do you use to communicate with your customers?
What sites do you use to communicate with your customers?
Anything we should know about your company, and your preferences. List types of merchandise you carry and the percentage of how it makes up your table. Please be accurate and complete. A listing of what is offered at each booth will be available to Attendees.
In short what makes your merchandise stand out from the crowd. What makes you someone we need to have at our convention?

Artists/Studio Options

This is not an invoice, bill or commitment. The Artist/Studio options section is to show you the pricing and cost of the booth space associated with vending at AnimeIowa. And to show us how many booth spaces/badges you are applying for.
1- 8' wide x 10' deep - booth space with drape and poles 1 or 2 Marketplace badge 1- 8' x 30" skirted table 2- folding chairs 1- waste basket
Need more than one booth; order here.
Additional badges at the discounted Marketplace price. PLEASE NOTE: Badges at the door will be $60.00. That's a 20.00 increase over the Marketplace discount rate. Registration closes on May 31, 2023 unless otherwise announced by Marketplace Head.
Get your booth noticed for better sales. All ads include booth number location and logo as supplied.
Refundable deposit to ensure that every one follows the rules.
$ 0.00
If you need to change your application please contact: with your changes.