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A quick note that the hours posted in the front of the Program Guide for Consweet is wrong. The hours in the Guidebook are correct. The correct hours are the following:

Consweet Hours
Friday 12PM-3AM
Saturday 8AM-3AM
Sunday 8AM – Closing Ceremonies

Consweet Hours

I quick notice that Consweet hours will be different then from previous years. For AI 2014 the Consweet will only be open Friday noon to 3 am, Saturday 8 am to 3 am, and Sunday 8 am until Closing Ceremonies. More information will be posted on the Consweet page, and be sure to check out the Consweet Forum Topic if you have any say on Consweet or the snacks it will carry.

Food for Thought

With the convention drawing near, AnimeIowa’s Consweet (formerly Consuite) department would like to remind everyone to give some thought as to what they will be eating that weekend. While your convention badge does grant you free snacks and soda at the Consweet, snacks are no substitute for a real meal! AnimeIowa strongly endorses the 5-2-1 rule (five hours of sleep, two full meals, and one shower minimum every day). See this link for a list of restaurants near the Coralville Marriott, many within walking distance!

For more information check out the Consweet Forum thread.