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Karaoke Reverse 2018

Your favorite karaoke performance contest is back for 2018! That’s right, Karaoke Reverse is happening again, Saturday at-con from 5PM until 7PM. This isn’t a contest where you get judged on your singing ability, but on your ability to put on an entertaining performance.

And to help kick off the year, we have an online application so you can get signed up before the convention starts.

Interested? You can sign up by filling out this form:
Karaoke Reverse Application

Want more details? Have questions? Then check out the forum thread relating to this year’s Karaoke Reverse (link here).

Contests: Mish-Mash and A Tiny Tale

The AnimeIowa Contests Team is at it again, and right now two contests are available:

Mish-Mash has you getting crafty to create a collage to show Buu-chan’s adventures in Des Moines. What sights will he see before or during AnimeIowa? Entries are due by March 31st on this contest, so get creative if you want to win an amazing prize pack of plushes, pillows, and blankets. More details and rules for this contest are available on the forums.

Next up we have A Tiny Tale. The troublesome dinks are causing problems, and it’s up to Buu-chan to stop them. In one hundred words or less, can you describe how a showdown would go down between Buu-chan and a dink? Entries are due by May 5th, so you still have time to get cracking and thinking up ideas so you can win a lovely Japanese cultural prize pack. More details and rules for this contest are available on the forums.

We have two more contests lined up, so keep your eyes peeled for more ways you can express your creativity before AnimeIowa hits.

The Winners of Three Contests

Since June, the Contest Department has held three Contests. Today we are pleased to announce the winners. So without further ado, please welcome…

For our microfiction contest “A Tiny Tale”, the winners are:
1st Place: Karen H.
2nd Place: Grace H.
3rd Place: Victor M.

The winning entry is as follows:

The red and white carnival tents had appeared overnight as if by magic. There’d been no sound, no tire tracks or footprints left in the dirt to indicate the direction traveled to reach this Iowa field. A single banner, strung across Main Street, announced that the Dark Carnival of Pigs had arrived. Worse still, Buu-Chan had gone missing. Disquietude permeated the air, and folks spoke in hushed nervous tones, contemplating what it may all mean. A single red ribbon and a missing whisk broom, the only clues. No one would look for Buu-Chan. No one dared.

For our mixed media art contest “Mixed Up!”, the winners are:
1st Place: Hilary S.
2nd Place: Rory H.
3rd Place: Karen H.

The winning entry:

Art by Hilary S.

And finally, for our photography contest “A Shutter in the Dark”, the winners are:
1st Place: Denna M.
2nd Place: Anna L.
3rd Place: Doug B.

The winning entry:

Photo by Denna M.

Thank you to all of our participants. Please come to the Events Desk during the convention to pick up your participation ribbons or prizes.

Your Con, Your Contest

The Contests Team has one last contest, and it’s something that you can do at the convention: Take a picture of yourself having fun at the convention, and post it to social media. We all see and interact with the convention in a different way, and with this being our last year at the Coralville Marriott let’s make it something truly to remember.

To enter, simply tag us a picture of yourself on either Facebook (@AnimeIowaCon) or Twitter (@AnimeIowa), with the appropriate hashtag:

If you’re wearing cosplay, then use #AnimeIowaCosplay
If you’re not in a costume, then use #AnimeIowaNosplay
And if you’re staffing the convention, then use #AnimeIowaStaff

We’ll have three rounds of judging, held at different times of the convention:
All day Friday (Friday 8:00AM through 11:59PM)
Early Saturday (Saturday 12:00AM through 3:00PM)
Late Saturday (Saturday 3:00PM through 11:59PM)

As per usual, full details are available on the forums.

The 2017 Photography Contest: A Shutter in the Dark

Our Contests Team is hosting another Photography contest this year, and the stakes couldn’t be any higher. Up for grabs is a New Nintendo 3DS and a limited edition copy of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, on top of amazing swag bags of goodies containing plushes, towels, board games, DVDs, and more.

So grab your camera, and read up on what it takes to win some amazing prize bundles. As always, more information is available on the forums, which you can find by clicking this link.

A Tale of Two Contests

Are you a crafty person, or perhaps nimble with your words? Whether you are simply a beginner or an adept expert at either of those, the Contests Department invites everyone to participate in the two contests that are going on right now.

Mixed Up! is an art contest where the object isn’t to draw or paint a picture, but to craft one together using paper, glue, glitter, pasta, fabric, or whatever you have lying around. If you remember doing macaroni art back in early elementary and want to it another go, or just simply enjoy making messes, then this is the contest for you.

A Tiny Tale is our writing contest, where we are giving our attendees the ability to write the official back story behind our theme, “The Dark Carnival of Pigs.” The catch though is that you have to keep it at one hundred words or less. It is easy to come up with an idea, but the real challenge lies in communicating it within those restraints.

So come one, come all to participate in these two amazing contests. Further rules and details are found in the forum threads linked above. And to all of our participants, we wish you the best of luck.

AnimeIowa Pokemon Go Gym Leader Challenge!

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm, and AnimeIowa is no exception. The Marriott Hotel is lucky enough to have two Gyms and a plethora of Pokéstops  just outside along the Iowa River Landing Sculpture walk. We invite con-goers to compete over control of those two gyms, and will offer badges to any players who manage to get their gym up to level 10. And starting at 10 a.m. on Friday the first two players to be the leaders of either gym when it gets to level 10 will be named that gym’s Official Leader and get a free t-shirt! Stop by the Pokémon Go desk next to the AnimeIowa Info Desk to learn more, and grab a piece of Pidgey candy.

For more information, please see the forum thread!

AnimeIowa Micro-Fiction Story Contest

Tell us your fictional, AnimeIowa story in 100 words or less! Micro-Fiction is a very abbreviated story that is often difficult to write, and even harder to write well. Ernest Hemingway mastered this in his 6 word micro-story: “For Sale: Baby shoes. Never Worn.”  Be our AnimeIowa Micro-Story Master and win Prizes!! Details Here:,10399.0.html