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Mainstage Cosplay Registration is Open!

The AnimeIowa Cosplay Masquerade is one of the Highlights of AnimeIowa. Participants have the opportunity to present their cosplay, skits and dances on stage in front of a live audience! Attendees come to watch the AnimeIowa cosplay contestants showcase their excellent craftsmanship and performance skills. And it all starts now with the opening of the AnimeIowa Mainstage Cosplay Registration!!

Mandatory Masquerade Info Panel

Just a reminder, anyone that is interested in participating in the Masquerade must attend one of the Masquerade Informational Panels. The panels will be at 7 PM and 10 PM Friday and 1 PM Saturday. Make sure to bring any audio you need to submit for your Masquerade presentation.

Cosplay Rules and Sign-up Posted

Rules and online sign-up for the Mainstage Cosplay competition have now been posted. Mainstage Cosplay is a great venue to show off your latest Cosplay masterpiece and compete for Cosplay dominance! For those who wish to show off their Cosplay in a less public manner, there is also the Hall Cosplay competition. For any questions or concerns, be sure to email