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Table Top Gaming 2021

Tabletop Gaming is where you can go to play a wide variety of tabletop games at AnimeIowa.
This year will be operating the room differently. The changes will help to keep game playing a healthy pastime for our attendees.

We have set in place new procedures due to the Covid 19 pandemic. These are all common sense guidelines which will not subtract from your tabletop playing.

Great News!!!

The registration staff has crunched the numbers, and our Executive team has made the decision to…
Open At the Door Registration during the convention. There will be limits on how many registrations will be available – to keep attendee numbers at a safe level.

On Friday only – we will have a limit of 350 registrations for the weekend at the door for $65.00.

And on Saturday only – we will have 200 day passes for $45.00.

Online registration for AnimeIowa 2021

AnimeIowa registration closes on May 31st at 11:59pm.

If you have not registered yet there is still time to get registered for AI. Come and reunite with friends and meet new people. After the past year we all deserve to get back together.

Also for all who have registered keep checking the Convention health Initiative. There will be updates all the way up to con week when and if there are any changes related health and safety.