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Panel Submissions are Open!

At long last, it’s time to get those brilliant panel ideas flowing! Now that you’ve registered for AnimeIowa 2021, you now have everything you need to submit that panel idea you’ve been dreaming of! 

To submit your panel, please locate the Submissions page under the Programs & Panels tab, there you will find the link to the Paneling forms along with helpful information on all things to get you started!  Or just click on this convenient button.

There’s no guarantee your panel will be accepted, but we can promise that it will be given fair and careful consideration. We really value all of your creativity and hard work, we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Only you know how to bring the fun in 2021, so what are you waiting for? Submit the panel of your dreams.. TODAY!

So much News coming your Way…

AnimeIowa Discord Group – More ways to stay connected

You the attendees have asked for this additional option to interact with both staff and other attendees. We are proud of all the work that Katie -our head of Marketplace- along with other staff members have put into this project. Come and check it out. Say hello and give Katie a shout out.

cafe ai

Maid and Butler Volunteer auditions are now open for Café Ai 2020! We are looking for passionate and professional people to be part of our team. Please email to receive your application. Auditions close February 1st so don’t wait!

Thank you to Joan Gordon for the official Café Ai artwork.

Buu Chan is Victorious! We are back online for Registrations.

And as promised we have extended our Black Friday Special until 11:59 pm on Sunday night.

Buu Chan fought bravely, and in the end chased the yokai back to the underworld and restored AnimeIowa’s online registration. The staff welcomed him home with a grand celebration including turkey and pumpkin pie.

The special pricing was only down for the last day – Cyber Monday. But in true AnimeIowa spirit you have the next 4 days to take advantage of the great savings we offered then. It’s like we turned back the clock and rebooted Black Friday back up from the beginning.

Registration Shutdown – The Yokai Broke the Internet!

The Yokai have invaded and put a curse on the Registration link that takes you from the AnimeIowa Registration From to PayPal. Those evil spirits mean to stop our faithful attendees from coming to AnimeIowa this July by keeping them from the best pricing of the year.

Fortunately Buu Chan is diligently working on fixing the payment issue that is plaguing the site at this time. He will not stop will it is back up and running

And both Buu Chan and the Registration team of AnimeIowa will Extend Our BLACK FRIDAY PRICING to compensate for the time the registration is down.

We will keep you our attendees informed here and on our Social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Just a little Teaser…

This year we have a new artist lending her artistic skills to create our unique Buu Chan convention T shirt. Based on the 2020 Youkai Invasion….

One pig against the end of the world! Last year a wild invasion of Yokai wreaked havoc in the world and it takes one sole Samurai pig to restore order.

Join Buu-Chan as he fights different Japanese Monsters, sending them back to the spirit world. Only he can restore the world to how it once was. 

Meet the Artist Cheri Stantellano (on the right) who along with her sister Teri Noto own and run “Tangerine Mountain”

Be sure to check out their Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Sales lasting through Monday. You will love to Kimono.

Gobble Gobble, now that you have filled up on the bounties of the holiday it’s time to get the best deal of Black Friday

Register now for AnimeIowa for the lowest price we will offer before con. Best of all you don’t have to go out in the cold or wait in lines. Your pass to this July’s best weekend is just a click or two away right here on your computer. Come celebrate with us at the Marriott in Coralville, IA. at panels, dances, in the marketplace and on the back patio. We can’t wait to see you there.

Anime Marketplace and Artists Alley Application’s Are Open

AnimeIowa is pleased to announce the opening of the application phase of it’s Anime Marketplace and Artists Alley. We can’t wait to be back to the Marriott this summer and look forward to seeing some of our favorite vendors and artists again this summer. From the Blue-Ray, Figures, plush and pocky the merchants bring, and lets not forget the wigs, paws, Kimono and chainmail. I get excited just sitting here typing this out. Then there is the gorgeous art that showcases the talents of the artists in the artist’s alley.

You might be making your list and checking it twice for the coming holiday. I am making mine for the end of July and the AnimeIowa Anime Marketplace and Artists Alley!

AnimeIowa 2019 Feedback Survey – Closed Thank you for your Feedback.

Now that everyone has had time to rest up from the convention it is time to look back, reflect and help us as we put 2019 to bed and get ready to start planning the 2020 convention. Now is is the time to tell us what you did and did not like about AnimeIowa 2019. AnimeIowa is a Fan run convention which is run for our attendees and takes their input seriously. So please take a little time now to let us know about your experience at AnimeIowa 2019. Buu Chan is listening.

Kimono – A Visual History

The owners of Tangerine Mountain, Cheri and Teri have brought something special to AnimeIowa. Stop by the Mezzanine above level 3 of the IEC to see a beautiful collection of Historical Japanese Kimono and accessories. The only way you will be disappointed, is if you leave the convention without seeing them

Kimono display Level 3.5 Board room 2 of the IEC
Owners Cheri and Teri with Kimone and accessories from the Historical collection

Remember to Pack a Little Love

It’s only three(!) days until AnimeIowa 2019 begins, and our staff know that people are busy getting prepared and packed for the convention. Whether it’s just the essentials (clothing and toiletries), costumes and props, or even swag to trade at our Swap meets, we know that people are making their lists, and checking it twice.

Our Charities Team would love to ask everyone to just pack a little love for the convention. A lot of us have items that we don’t use anymore, and are just collecting dust. Small donations of items to our charity auction could really help make the difference for a lot of people, especially since we are supporting Families Helping Families of Iowa, Inc. Anything you wish to donate to our charity auction is massively appreciated, and donations can be dropped off at the Info Desk.

Some ideas of items that traditionally do well at the charity auction include:
* DVDs and Blu-rays
* Manga and books
* Artwork and Craftwork
* Japanese cultural items
* Merchandise and collectibles

Items that we can not take include:
* Broken or damaged items
* VHS tapes

Even if you can’t donate items to our Charity Auction, you can still support it by being there on Sunday 11:30AM-2:00PM in Programming 3. We also have a special donation by our friends at RightStuf, where we will be auctioning a Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Collector’s Ultra Edition Blu-Ray paired with a photo of the Japanese voice actor of Chang Wu Fei.

Thank you for your support, and for the love you have shown not only our convention, but to the community as well.