Below is a list of questions commonly asked about AnimeIowa. If a question you have is not listed here, it’s probably being discussed on the Forum. You can also email info@animeiowa.com for more information.

What are the rules of the convention?
In general, we ask three simple things: (1) be considerate, (2) wear your badge at all times, and (3) have fun! The official rules can be viewed here.

What is AnimeIowa’s Weapons Policy?
Everything you need to know about bringing weapons to AnimeIowa is noted in the Animeiowa Rules.

Do you offer Visitor or Chaperone Badges?
Regretfully, AnimeIowa no longer offers a Visitor or Chaperone Badge. We tried to utilize them from 2000 – 2002, but found they simply did not work with our style of convention.

Do you have any One Day Badges?
We will be offering a limited number of Saturday one-day badges as a trial run for AnimeIowa 2018. Saturday passes will be $40, and can only be purchased at the door.

If I lose my badge, can I get a new one?
Yes, you can get a new badge if you lose your old one. Regretfully, we will charge you a minor fee to replace your badge.

Do I have to pay to attend AnimeIowa?
Your registration cost goes to help us keep this convention going. It allows us to pay for the hotel space, bring in guests, supply food for the Consuite and a number of other endeavors related to the convention.

What is a Room Party? Can I have one? What do I need to know?
A room party is a gathering that you host in your own room that is open to the rest of the convention. Anyone can host a room party, but they must register their party with AnimeIowa prior to the convention.

Can I hang up signs at the convention?
Yes you can. However, there are some guidelines that the hotel has asked us to follow:

  1. The use of tape (of any kind), nails, thumbtacks, stick pins or any type of glue-based adhesive are not permitted to come in contact with any walls, pillars, wood or painted surfaces throughout the hotel.
  2. Tape is allowed for use on brick walls and the moveable air walls that are used to separate meeting rooms.
  3. Easels may be rented from the hotel to display materials
  4. Inquire at the AnimeIowa Info Desk or Bridge for information on using the sign racks located throughout the convention space.

I have registration questions. Who should I ask?
If you can’t find the answers to your questions on the Registration Page, and we have a registration FAQ on the Forum. If you still have trouble finding the answer to your question, you can e-mail registration@animeiowa.com.