AnimeIowa Autograph Policies:

To ensure a smooth experience for everyone, the Guests Team asks that attendees observe the following guidelines for autographs:

1) Please remain in an orderly line.
2) Please limit yourself to two (2) items you want signed.
3) Please do not bring in bootleg, pirated, or non-licensed merchandise to be signed.
4) Some guests may allow fan art to be signed. Fan art that is overly lewd, violent, or otherwise objectionable may not be signed.
5) Be respectful of Guests’ personal spaces! Always ask permission for photos, hugs, high fives, and more.
6) Some Guests may charge a fee for additional autographs after your first item, or for photos, etc…
7) Information about each Guest and their preferences will be posted on a whiteboard at each session
8) Staff reserve the final right to make judgments regarding requests.

Sponsors of AnimeIowa will be allowed to form the head of the line up until the start of the autograph session. Once the session has started, they will need to queue up at the end of the line.