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Dance Party & Light Show

Live On stage Saturday night from 10 PM to ? in the Anime Iowa Mainstage room as part of the Dance Party and Light show.

The Pseudoreality

The Pseudoreality

Brian Johnson, aka The Pseudoreality, is an electronic music artist based out of the
Midwest region of the United States known as the Quad Cities. He first began playing
guitar in 1997 and got his first taste of electronic music in 1999. He began producing
electronic music in 2001 and the music brought him to his first underground party in 2004.
Today, you can find Brian playing live pa/DJ hybrid sets incorporating live synth elements and drum machines to live vocals and guitar into his DJ mixes. No matter what flavor The Pseudoreality brings to the evening; his energy is always above and beyond.

This is an artist you will not want to miss.



Garry Dithmart, known as MrPixxul, is a bass music artist that is based out of Des
Moines, Iowa who is well known for his “Melodic – Heavy” playstyle. MrPixxul has
released music on various labels, such as “Bass Boost”, “Noiseporn Records”
and “AY YO TRIP! Records” and has received positive support on his releases
from Illenium, SISTO, CROMATIK, 40oz CULT, MikeSh!ft and many others. In
addition, MrPixxul has shared the stage with various artists such as: Barely Alive,
Eliminate, PIERCE, TVBOO, Stoned Level, Bainbridge, Com3t, William Black,
CHIME, AU5, Fairlane, CinemaKid, Ace Aura, MikeSh!ft, Everen Maxwell, SoDown,
RUVLO, Jantsen and more! You can always expect a Melodic set mixed with
heavy switch ups that will satisfy the masses whenever MrPixxul plays.