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Master of Ceremonies

Absassin from Knights of the Round Pasties.

Cirque Du Buque Drag Cabaret with MC – Anna Mae

  • Melee
  • Malaiya Marvel
  • Emo Knievel
  • A.D.H.D
  • Kawaii Canary
  • Sage Umbra

Hosted and MC’d by Anna Mae, a non-binary drag artist, they will keep you engaged throughout the night!  Perhaps during the half-time show YOU will be chosen to join them on stage for some FRIGHTFULLY good fun!  Also joining the maniacs is Sage Umbra, a Cirque du Buque cast member and horror-cosplay Queen from Platteville.  Emo Knievel, an amazing Drag King artist with the flair of all the 80s rock stars.  From all the way up in Milwaukee we have the killer cosplaying duo Malaiya Marvel and Melee, ADHD- a professional horror performance artist, and finally Kawaii Canary who brings their amazing vocal skills to the stage.

Knights of the Round Pasties Burlesque Troupe

With Naughty Nerds

Knights of the Round Pasties Burlesque Troupe.