You can have the AnimeIowa program guide at your fingertip with Guidebook. In addition to the schedule of events, Guidebook

In addition to smartphones, you can view the AnimeIowa programming schedule on any computer or web enabled device.

If you spot any errors in the Guidebook, feel free to email

Installing Guide

The Guidebook app can be obtained from the Apple App Store or Google Play, or by going to to view the guide on any browser.

Downloading the Guide

Once you have Guidebook running on your device you down to download the AnimeIowa 2014 Guide.

Once the Guide is downloaded you can open the AnimeIowa 2014 guide. If the Guide is updated you will get notification to accept the update.

Using Guidebook

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The schedule contains all the schedule of events for all three days of the convention. Press on an event to view the description, start and end time, and location. Click on the stars to rate an event, let us know what you think! Press on “Add To My Schedule” to add an event to your personalize schedule, this will also give you a prompt for how long before an event you will be a Notification Reminder. Never forget a panel!! Schedules are live updated, so never be out of touch.

In the Schedule menu you can search for a particular event. Video Room, Photoshoot, Family, and Tabletop Gaming events are all labeled as such.

My Schedule

My Schedule consists of all the panels and events you choose to add to your personal schedule. Use this feature to plan out your entire weekend!!

Guests and Information

This list contains a list of convention rules, event and accommodations information, and Guests of Honor details (including links to Guest panels!).


Map of the convention center and Anime Marketplace in an easy to read and zoom-able format. Never get lost!


Any event can be shared with a link using the Share icon. Feel free to share your favorite events for friends. Drum up interest, and keep your friends posted on what you are attending!

Social Connections

New to Guidebook this year are Connections. Connections allows you trade contact information with attendees. You start by signing into the Guidebook app using a social media account such as Facebook. Then you create a Card, which contains the contact information you wish to give out (name, email, phone, Facebook page, Twitter feed). Then in the Attendees link in Guidebook, you can Check-In as an attendee. Anyone who is checked in can request a Connection. If you accept the Connection you simply follow the on-screen prompts to create the Connection and trade cards. It’s an easy way to trade info with people you meet. It’s completely opt-in so no worries about your personal information leaking.