Thank you Attendees!

Thank you everyone who attended AnimeIowa 2021

Art by Cheri Santellano

IT was great to see both new faces and those we have come to anticipate. After the past year we all needed a con.
And now it’s time to see how we did in your (the attendees) eyes.

Please fill out the AnimeIowa 2021 Feedback Survey. Let us know about your experience at the convention which will help us make AnimeIowa even better in 2022.

2022 Early Registration + Sunday Attendance

Thank you to everyone who has showed up for AnimeIowa 2021. We have sold out of all-weekend and Saturday Day passes.

For people who are still wanting to attend, we are making a special offer: If you pre-register for AnimeIowa 2022 at-con on Sunday, we are allowing you to attend the remainder of AnimeIowa 2021 at no additional cost.

Want to play a game.

Art by Shawn King
Art by Shawn King

For those who are not experiencing AnimeIowa 2021 in person this year. We have a way you can be a part of the convention…
Check out the AnimeIowa Twine Game, AnimeTwineowa! Go to panels, visit the Marketplace, volunteer, and learn about brand new imaginary anime you will wish was real, all in a short, text-based web game.


2021 Program book is here!

Check out our AnimeIowa 2021 Program book – Yokai Invasion.
Find out when and where your favorite events and panels are happening.
Want to shop, there is a listing of the Merchants and Artists in the Marketplace along with their locations in the room. You can pre-plan your shopping excursion(s).

Cover art by Cheri Santellano