2021 Panel descriptions A to Z

E is for EPIC!

Erina’s Food Wars Training Camp
Hosted by DisasterDrache Sunday 3p-4p Programming Room 3
Join Erina and her pals of Food Wars as they enhance their skills to become members of the Elite Ten! Erina hosts a training camp for her friends to compete in some Shokugeki!

Foamsmithing for Beginners
Hosted By Aquacora Cosplay Saturday 10a-11a Programming Room 3
Come learn what Foamsmithing is and things to know before starting. We will cover safety, tools, supplies and personal stories to help guide you on your next project.

Horrific Hentai Power Hour 18+
Hosted by Red Eyes Black Dragon Friday 10:30p-11:30p Programming Room 3
Explore the weird wild world of hentai with Charlie and Ally. Dead Dove: Do Not Eat.

How to wear Kimono
Hosted Tangerine Mountain Saturday 7p-8p Programming Room 2

Introduction To Ball Jointed Dolls & Doll meetup
Hosted by Ankhensepnamun Saturday 5p-6p Programming Room 2
Ever wonder what the deal is with those dolls you see people carrying at conventions? This panel has answers! We will also be having an informal doll meetup/Q&A session after the introduction.

Introduction to Pattern Modification and Drafting
Hosted by Ankhensepnamun Friday 2p-3p Programming Room 1
Have a costume in mind but the pattern doesn’t exist? This panel is for you! We’ll be covering things like figuring out what components/under-layers you need, resizing and altering commercially available patterns, scaling up pattern diagrams, and drafting from scratch.

Japanese Mask Presentation
Hosted by Tanis Sotelo Saturday 10a-11a Programming Room 1
A Japanese cultural presentation showing a number of Traditional and Anime masks that are often found in Japanese festivals.

Japanese Traditional Instruments presentation
Hosted by Tanis Sotelo Saturday 6p-7p Programming Room 3
A Japanese cultural presentation that will showcase 3 traditional Japanese instruments, Taiko, Shinobue, and Shamisen.