2021 Panel descriptions A to Z

K is for kawaii

Kimono Motifs
Hosted by Tangerine Mountain Sunday 1p-2p Programming Room 3

Let’s Learn Embroidery!
Hosted by Ankhensepnamun Friday 5p-6p Programming Room 2
Ever want to learn how to add hand-embroidery to your cosplays? Want to pick up a new craft? If so this panel is for you! This will be a hands-on introduction to several basic embroidery stitches including back stitch, chain stitch, and satin stitch. A limited number of kits with everything you need to create a small embroidered design will be available, so be sure to come early if you want to sew along!

LOV Recruits
Hosted by Spaceyside Saturday 4p-5p Programming Room 3
The League needs new members, so they’ve come to Anime Iowa for recruitment. Join Shigiraki, Toga, and Dabi as they search for new members and play some fun games along the way.

Love is an Open Forum
Hosted by Vallyn Friday 7p-8p Programming Room 2
Join us for a discussion of inclusivity, positivity, and acceptance in the fandom, cosplay, and con communities!

Making Comics: The Webtoon Canvas Way
Hosted by The Evil Nae Saturday 12p-1p Programming Room 3
Are you an aspiring comic or manga artist looking for a place to publish online? Learn the ins and outs of the Webtoon Canvas platform plus comic making tips and tricks.

Making the Most of Your Anime Club
Hosted by Bailey H Saturday 2p-3p Programming Room 3
Have you wanted to start your own Anime Club for your library or high school, but don’t know where to start? From getting off the ground, garnering interest in times of the Plague™️ and growing your club for the future, this panel run by Librarians will teach you how!

My Senpai, My Senpai, and Me: Anime Advice Panel
Hosted by WhoWhatWaifus Sunday 9a-10a Programming Room 3
Similar to hit podcast MBMBAM, we’re taking your problems and giving you questionable life advice based on what we’ve learned from anime.

Mystic Memeager
Hosted by Duelist.cosplay Friday 6p-7p Programming Room 1
Come join the members of R.F.A and Mint eye in their pursuit of the legendary Honey Budda chips. Oh, and get to meet them, answer questions such as, is Jumin Han gay?, play games and more! Be prepared to talk about after endings and other spoilers!

Pokémon Judging Tournament
Hosted by Iowa Pokémon Battle Frontier Friday 12p-2p Programming Room 2
“Do you have the best bred and raised Pokémon?  Show us, and we’ll give them a critique based on their stats, training, and more! Fun prizes are available, and potential battles are in store as well!”

Pokémon Talk  
Hosted by Iowa Pokémon Battle Frontier Sunday 9a-10a Mainstage
“There’s a lot to the Pokémon franchise: Games, anime, manga, trading cards, and more! Come join the discussion, and share what you love most about the franchise, what your hopes for the future are, and more!”

psycHOTic 18+  
Hosted by Winterblade Saturday 10:30p-11:30p Programming Room 1
Does your waifu have a charming laugh and a taste for bloodshed? Learn about yandere and yangire, then enjoy an interactive dating sim.