2021 Panel descriptions A to Z

R is for Ryoukai!

Samurai Armor
Hosted by Tangerine Mountain Friday 6:30p-7:30p Programming Room 3

Sewing for Dolls
Hostedby Ankhensepnamun Friday 12p-1p Programming Room 3
Every doll needs a fantastic wardrobe, but tiny clothes are hard to find. The emphasis for this panel will be on ball jointed dolls and Pullip/Blythe, but the techniques covered can be used for other types of dolls and plushies too! We’ll walk through the process step by step from the design phase to finishing touches that can really take an outfit to the next level.

Shojo Manga’s Lost Generation
Hosted by Megan DeYarman Sunday 10a-11a Programming Room 2
Most people presume that shojo manga began in the 1970s, but there was an entire generation of women before then that helped create shojo manga as we know it today. Who were these women, and why have they fallen into obscurity?

So You Want Free Sh*t?
Hosted by Magpie’s Oddities Saturday 3p-4p Programming Room 2
How much do you know about your fandom? If the answer is a lot of things you wish you could forget then you could win free sh*t! Your freaky insite of your favorite anime or fandom may come in handy but don’t worry, for those lucky enough not to be burdened with such knowledge there’s other games to play and prizes to win!!

Team Enforcers: Let’s Duel!
Hosted by Societea_cosplays Saturday 11a-12p Programming Room 2
The boys are back in Satellite. Join the Team Enforcers/Satisfaction in a friendly game of Duel Monsters! Will you be able to defeat the champions and save New Domino city?! Come find out with games, trivia, prizes, and more!

That Hentai Game: A Dramatic Reading 18+
Hosted by Lyzzi and Jon Friday 10p-11p Programming Room 1
“Where boners go to die.” We’re at it again. Reading terrible hentai scenes and subjecting ourselves to awful writing for your enjoyment. Join us to continue our descent into madness as we tackle another Fate/Hollow Ataraxia scene.

The Sakamaki Hangout
Hosted by Societea_cosplays Friday 8p-9p Programming Room 1
Come hangout with the vampire brothers from Diabolik Lovers Season 1! Get all your questions answered, play truth or dare with the boys, and join them for some fun trivia! Should you decide to join, will you help the Sakamaki brothers looking for their next meal, will it be Yui (You)?!

The Story of Animerama 18+
Hosted by Megan DeYarman Friday 10p-11p Programming Room 2
Over 50 years ago, Osamu Tezuka and his studio made the Animerama trilogy, the first anime films targeted towards adults. This panel explores these three films, the two directors behind them, the studio that killed itself making them, and the legacy they left upon anime as a whole.

The Ultimate Danganronpa Panel
Hosted by Jazz Jensen Cosplay Friday 4:30p-5:30p Programming Room 2
All Danganronpa games in one room!?! What could go wrong? Hello Anime Iowa we are here to fill part of your day with hope or despair. Join us for this one of a time event! (will not be spoiler free)

The Ups and Downs of an Anime Podcast 18+
Hosted by Frenchie Saturday 11p-12a Main Stage
Ever wondered what it takes to run an anime podcast? Well, join the Weekly Weebs for a fun filled panel discussing the challenges and joys of running a weekly show talking about the beauty that is anime!

Traveling Tips to Japan
Hosted by Tanis Sotelo Saturday 12p-1p Programming Room 1
Planning a trip to Japan? This presentation will offer traveling tips to get ready to go to Japan and have a fun time.

Webcomic creation, tips & resources
Hosted by Odo_draws Friday 8:30p-9:30p Programming Room 3
(Webtoon format) Want to turn your idea into a webcomic, but don’t know where to start? They didn’t either! Odo and Affie talk about their experience and journey as they traverse into the webcomic world and share helpful tips and resources they found along the way–including maintaining and improving relationships for teams and accountability for solo creators.