2022 Submissions and Panel guidelines – Panel submissions have closed

Please read this entire page before you Submit your form.


So you want to submit a panel to AnimeIowa? Fan-run panels are the basis of the Anime Iowa convention; but do you know what kinds of panels AnimeIowa allows? We love and want you all, so read on!

When to Submit – Dates for 2022

  • Tier one: Jan 3rd-28th
  • Tier two: Jan 31st-Feb 25th
  • Tier Three: Feb 28th-March 26th 

Panel submissions are open until March 26th. Panel submissions after this date will not be accepted. We want to allow as much time as possible for all your wonderful ideas to come our way. Our Paneling Team needs enough time to sift through everything and get it out to you before the convention, so please submit your panel suggestions in a timely manner!

What to Submit:

AnimeIowa has returned to a 24 hour Event for 2022

Panels start at 8:00 and 8:30 A.M. and 10 P.M.

AnimeIowa strives to be an Anime and Japanese Pop Culture Convention. Panels scheduled between the hours of 8:00 a.m. (or 8:30 a.m. depending on the panel room) and 10:00 p.m. should be primarily related to Japanese Culture. We understand many fandoms and cultures overlap at times, so we are always open to creative ideas that may deviate from what is deemed as Japanese culture too. Most importantly, Please do not be afraid to submit!

Panels need to be of substance and have a plan. Replaying Naruto episodes saying “MidnightShamamallama-samakun” does not constitute a panel. You should be prepared to provide an agenda for your panel along with a clear outline in your submission. This helps both you and the paneling team understand what your panel is about. The more planning you put into your panel submission, the more likely your panel will be accepted.

Remember to submit the correct contact information. We email out if your panel has been accepted or not, but if you submit an incorrect email we may not be able to reach you!

Panels held on or after 9 P.M. on Friday and Saturday

Despite being a Japanese Culture convention, our attendees’ tastes include a wide spectrum of interests. This year, AnimeIowa Programming presents Late Night Ai! Panels from 9:00 p.m. to midnight can be about your quirks, your quotes, and your qualms so that everyone of all interests can get the most out of the convention. Late Night AI tries to infuse YOUR love of general geek culture that comes through your Anime fandom into an area where you can enjoy it.

On this note, not all panels unrelated to Japanese Pop Culture will be accepted. You still need a good panel concept with planned content.

Panel Time slots:

AnimeIowa Programming tries to accommodate everyone’s preferences. As such, you are able to request three time slots for your panel. Please note that everyone usually wants the exact same time. Prime times always falls on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. Obviously, not everyone can have panels all at once. So, if you are at all willing to do a Friday afternoon or a Sunday panel, we would all greatly appreciate it! If your content or research material is interesting enough AnimeIowa Programming will consider giving you a longer time slot.

Panel Cancelation:

I got a panel! But now I can’t make it!

EEP! If you are suddenly unable to attend your own panel for any reason, you must contact the Panels at A.S.A.P.!! We need to fill in that space for others AND we need to alert all the people looking forward to attending that panel at the con. We don’t want other con goers to miss out on others’ panels simply because they were waiting on you.

Certain Restrictions May apply:

What if I to do —-?
Performing artist(s) should note that panels are about interacting with each other. They are not about soliciting your amazing skills. Also, at this time, AnimeIowa cannot accommodate full-scale orchestras, bands, etc. in size or in equipment. However, if you believe there is a way we can accommodate you and you are not soliciting, please email us after your panel submission detailing:

(1) Who you are
(2) What you are doing
(3) Samples of your work.
These are necessary for our decision making process.

AnimeIowa does not allow panels of an overly negative or pessimistic nature. There are plenty of things to make fun of (and we all love to nit-pick), but the convention experience is to promote the fandom, not put it, anyone, or anything down. Make fun of other people and hobbies in your own free time at the convention. Again, while emailing AnimeIowa Programming about the overall tone of your panel, remember: submitted Panels with an overly negative tone will generally not be accepted.

Panels with any manner of adult content need to be indicated as 18+. AnimeIowa is a family-friendly convention and adult panels need to be scheduled at appropriate times with appropriate indication.

Alright, I’d love to A, but my panel requires B.

Anime Iowa is pleased to announce: we have projectors and sound in every panel room. This means we can support YOUR technical desires for your panel. Whether you’re analyzing Japanese animation in Miyazaki or singing Karaoke, we have fewer limitations on what can be scheduled where. During the convention, Tech Ninjas will be lurking in the shadows should technical problems arise. MAC USERS please note that you absolutely, positively, without a doubt, provide your own video cable for the projector as AnimeIowa will not provide them.

Also, make sure to state if you require any other types of equipment for your panel such as boards/markers, pencil/paper, et al. These items can be supplied when they are requested prior to the convention.

On the subject of internet usage during your panel – Due to heavy usage during the convention, we cannot guarantee a constant wireless internet connection during your panel. Please avoid relying on an internet connection for your panel presentation.

If I submit a panel, can I get in free?

Check Panelist Memberships in the panel guideline page for information on earning memberships For hosting a panels. And also for information on multiple at con benefits and perks!

What Perks do I receive for hosting a panel?

These perks include the ever-coveted Volunteer hours which can be turned in for merchandise (DVDS, Figurines, Manga, Galore!) at the AnimeIowa Volunteer desk. And a goody bag before your panel starts.

Panel Acceptance:

My Panel is Accepted, What Now?

This year, Anime Iowa is introducing a new system for panels at con. We are asking for panelists to sign in at the Events HQ before their panel starts. Doing it this way, we can make sure the panelists are on site, know when and where their panels will be held, and get their special perks! Deadlines to sign in for panels are as follows:

  • Friday Noon-5pm panels sign in before Noon.
  • Friday 5:30pm- 10pm panels sign in before 5pm.
  • Friday Late Night Panels sign in before 8pm.
  • Saturday 9am- 11:30am panels sign in before 9am.
  • Saturday Noon- 5pm panels sign in before Noon.
  • Saturday 5:30pm-10pm panels sign in before 5pm.
  • Saturday Late Night Panels sign in before 7pm.
  • Sunday 9am- 11:30am panels sign in before 9am.
  • Sunday Noon-5:30 panels sign in before noon.

What happens if I miss sign in?

Oh no! You missed sign in. If this happens, we ask that you get over to the Events HQ Desk as soon as possible to let us know that you are at con. The Events Desk will also use your provided email and phone number to try and reach you so make sure your information is accurate! We will try to give you the benefit of the doubt, but if we have not heard from you 45 minutes before the start of your panel we will have to cancel the panel D; Worried you will forget to sign in for your afternoon or evening panel? Feel free to sign in early on the day of your panel to get it out of the way!