Panelist Policy

All panelists are required to be aware of and follow the terms of this policy before submitting a 2023 Panel Submission. If there is anything you do not understand about this policy and it is not present in our FAQ, please contact us at and we will clarify it for you.


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Panel Submissions and Tiers

All Panels must be formally submitted via the Panel Submission Form and reviewed by AnimeIowa Paneling Staff prior to being included in AnimeIowa’s Panel Schedule.
AnimeIowa Panel Submissions will be considered a first come first serve basis by tiers. Those who apply in the first tier have a greater chance of getting a panel slot at their preferred date and time.

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Panelist Memberships

Ever wish that you could get something in return for your hard work hosting panels at AnimeIowa?  Who says you can’t?  For AnimeIowa 2023, Lead and Assistant Panelists who host 3 or more hours of approved paneling qualify for complementary AnimeIowa Memberships!
The Panelist Membership is just one of the ways AnimeIowa would like to thank our elite panelists for hosting panels at AnimeIowa. All Lead and Assistant Panelists that host 3 or more hours of approved paneling for AnimeIowa 2023 and are age 18 and over may qualify this Complementary Panelist Membership.
The Panelist Membership does not provide any privileged access or perks beyond a normal attendee membership.
Panelists who qualify will report directly to the Events HQ to pick up their Membership vouchers. Once Panelists have their voucher, they will take it to Registration to exchange for their complimentary AnimeIowa Membership. Please note that for 2023, any Panelists who have already Registered will receive a voucher for a Complimentary 2024 AnimeIowa Membership instead. They are encouraged to register for 2024 on Sunday at the convention.

The Panelist Membership does not apply to those who have the following memberships: Sponsorship, AnimeIowa Staff, Guest of Honor, Artist or Vendor.