Panelist Policy

AnimeIowa 2020 Panelist Policy

All panelists are required to be aware of and follow the terms of this policy before submitting a 2020 Panel Submission. If there is anything you do not understand about this policy and it is not present in our FAQ, please contact us at and we will clarify it for you.


AnimeIowa has Three types of Panelists: Lead Panelists, Assistant Panelists and General Panelists.

Lead Panelist:   The Lead Panelists is also known as the Head Panelist. The Lead Panelist will act as the point of contact for a panel and has the responsibility of coordinating with the AnimeIowa Paneling Staff about the details of their panel. The Lead Panelist is the individual who will submit the panel and is the only member of a panel that can make changes to the panel description, request schedule changes, etc. It is the Lead Panelists job to communicate information to their panel team. Only the Lead Panelist will be contacted regarding a panel’s status and updates.

Assistant Panelist:   Panels that have two or more panelists will select an Assistant Panelist to be the assistant for the panel. The Assistant Panelist will not be the point of contact with the AnimeIowa Paneling Staff but the Assistant and Lead Panelists can check the panel in during the convention. Assistant Panelists are expected to lead the panel alongside the Lead Panelist. In the event that a Lead Panelist can no longer attend the convention the Assistant Panelist will take over their position as the Head of the Panel.

General Panelists:  These are Panelists who are not the Lead or the Assistant Panelist but are still part of the panel. These individuals are expected to show up to the actual panel at con but are not required to have precon communication with AnimeIowa Paneling Staff. General Panelists do not qualify for the Panelist Membership but can get other perks from AnimeIowa.

Panel Submissions

All Panels must be formally submitted via the Panel Submission Form and reviewed by AnimeIowa Paneling Staff prior to being included in AnimeIowa’s Panel Schedule.

  • AnimeIowa will automatically provide each panel room with a projector and screen, sound system and two microphones.
  • Upon request, AnimeIowa can provide the following: Pens or Pencils, Paper, Whiteboards and Whiteboard Markers.
  • AnimeIowa cannot provide the following: Laptops, Tablets, Internet Connection, CD Players or DVD Players.
  • Any other materials may be requested and will be reviewed by the AnimeIowa Paneling Staff on a case by case basis.

AnimeIowa Panel Submissions will be considered on a first come first serve basis by tiers. Those who apply in the first tier have a greater chance of getting a panel slot at their preferred date and time.

Panel Submission Tiers:   

For 2020, Panel Submissions are divided into 3 submission tiers. At the end of each tier status emails will be sent out to all submissions from the tier. Panel Submissions will be considered on a first come first serve basis so those who apply early have a greater chance of getting their preferred slot date and time. 

The Panel Submission Tiers for AnimeIowa 2020 are as follows:

  • Tier 1 – December  through January 31st
  • Tier 2 – February 3rd through March 6th
  • Tier 3 – March 9th through April 10th

Panel Limitations:   

Panels at AnimeIowa are limited to the following rules.

  • All Panels are expected to be PG-13 unless marked as mature in their submission.
  • Panels may not sell any panel supplies or merchandise before, during, or after their panel.  Money may not exchange hands within AnimeIowa Panel space. 
  • Panels may not sell or hand out any food or beverages; store bought or homemade before, during or after their panel.
  • AnimeIowa has a no solicitation policy and as such no panel may focus on solicitation for an individual, group, or product.
  • Panels may not attack or degrade another race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age range or any other protected class. All panels are expected to be all inclusive, positive and safe spaces for all.

Any breaches of our Panel Limitations will be investigated on a case by case basis and may result in disciplinary actions.

18+ Panels:

If you wish to host a mature panel at AnimeIowa the panel submission must be marked as 18+.
Panels are considered 18+ if they meet any of the below listed criteria:

  • Usage of Adult Language.
  • Discussions of an adult nature.  
  • Contain Hentai, Yaoi or Yuri. 
  • Contain Partial nudity.
  • Contain any form of Sexual Intercourse on photos or video

Panels are subjected to review by our AnimeIowa Panel Staff and may be flagged as 18+ at our discretion. If your panel becomes flagged the Lead Panelist will be informed.

18+ Panels may not contain any of the below listed criteria:

  • Partial or Full live nudity.
  • photos or video of living persons in partial or full nudity.
  • Any form of Sexual Interactions of same live or animated.

All 18+ Panels are subject to the following:

  • All Panelists must be over the age of 18 at the time the panel begins.
  • All attendees must be over the age of 18 at the time the panel begins.
  • All AnimeIowa staff and attendees must present a Government issued photo ID to be allowed entry to an 18+ panel or event.  No exceptions will be made.
  • The Panel Room door must remain closed during the panel.
  • If an attendee or panelist leaves the panel and wishes to re-enter for any reason they must present their Government issued photo ID at the door again.

Failure to abide by 18+ panel rules will result in appropriate actions which may include the loss of your convention badge for the rest of the convention weekend.

Panelist Memberships:

Ever wish that you could get something in return for your hard work hosting panels at AnimeIowa?  Who says you can’t?  For AnimeIowa 2020, Lead and Assistant Panelists who host 3 or more hours of approved paneling qualify for complementary AnimeIowa Memberships!

The Panelist Membership is just one of the ways AnimeIowa would like to thank our elite panelists for hosting panels at AnimeIowa. All Lead and Assistant Panelists that host 3 or more hours of approved paneling for AnimeIowa 2020 and are over the age of 18 may qualify this Complementary Panelist Membership.

The Panelist Membership does not provide any privileged access or perks beyond a normal attendee membership.

Panelists who qualify will report directly to the Events HQ to pick up their Membership vouchers. Once Panelists have their voucher, they will take it to Registration to exchange for their complimentary AnimeIowa Membership. . Please note that for 2020, any Panelists who have already Registered will receive a voucher for a Complimentary 2021 AnimeIowa Membership instead.

The Panelist Membership does not apply to those who have the following memberships: Sponsorship, AnimeIowa Staff, Guest of Honor, Artist or Vendor.