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AnimeIowa Hotel Block 2021

Coralville Marriott Hotel and Conference Center

This is the information you have been waiting for!

The AnimeIowa room block will open to ALL attendees at 10:00am on Monday April 5th. Reservations will not be accepted prior to this time.

Once the hotel block is open to the public, our hotel contact will not accept any direct requests for reservations. All guests (even staff) will be required to book via the booking link or by calling the reservations desk at 866-204-0539 (please encourage use of this number instead of calling the Front Desk for the most efficient process).

Our plan is to host a safe convention for our attendees, guests, volunteers and staff. Please read our Covid Health Initiative Plan posted on the website. We are serious about the safety of everyone attending AnimeIowa, so please follow our guidelines to have a great convention.