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Convention Photographers wanted

Capturing the Post*a*pig*alyptic town of Des Moines Iowa is Photojournalist Buu Chan

AnimeIowa needs 2 to 4 people with photography experience to take photographs during the upcoming convention. AnimeIowa supplies the equipment, you supply the expertise.

What do you get in exchange for your skill at composition in capturing our event in the digital format? You give us 12 hours of your weekend over the 3 days starting on Friday. We give you a weekend pass to the convention.

You get to go places and meet people and have a whole new kind of convention experience. It’s a great way for anyone who is serious about photography to add to their resume. You will meet cosplayers who love to have photos taken. See events that need to be saved and shared. There is no down side to it.

If you are interested email for more information to our Social Media department at socialmedia@animeiowa.com today.