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Looking to be a vendor with AnimeIowa Marketplace?

Applications and details below!

Open applications closed early February. To apply now will put you on the waitlist for 2023 and notify me email list for 2024 openings.

Marketplace Merchant and Artist Alley Information

Be sure to download the Marketplace information packets for Merchants and Artists with information, guidelines and pricing.  It is packed with everything you need to know before you apply for the Marketplace.  Once you are ready just press one of the buttons above and you will be taken to the application page.

Additional information

Artists refundable deposit – $30.00. Refundable deposit to ensure that Artists do not show up late to setup without contacting the Marketplace staff to make arrangements. Nor do they break down and leave before the Marketplace closes at 4PM on Sunday. And there is no theft from others.

Merchant’s refundable deposit – $100.00. This is to ensure that Merchants do not do not stock bootleg merchandise. show up late to setup without contacting the Marketplace staff to make arrangements. Nor do they break down and leave before the Marketplace closes at 4PM on Sunday. Theft from others is included in this deposit. Refundable deposit also ensures that

Merchants/Artists who have not paid their deposits will not be allowed to set their booths up till payment is made. Deposit can be made along with your booth payment or you can make arrangements to pay separately If you are not paying your deposits now, please contact to make suitable arrangements to pay the deposit before the convention or when you arrive.-Thank you.

Marketplace Paid Services Policy

With the many advances of technology (for example photography) many changes have occurred. These services in the past were utilized by a select group of hobbies/professions because of the cost factor, but now are used by many many people for fun and for profit.

There are many who are offering services at AnimeIowa which include Photo shoots, commissions, and costumes. These services are great, but they also must keep in the confines of Iowa law for sales of goods and services.

AnimeIowa has in place a policy to include these services in the convention experience. Please review the Marketplace Paid Services Policy 2016 which covers 2023. After that if you have any questions address them to:

Iowa Sales Tax Information

To sell in the State of Iowa you must have a permanent Iowa tax permit. To apply for a permit, complete and submit the Iowa Business Tax Registration form; Form number 78-005.  It is located on the at:

A permanent tax permit allows you to conduct taxable sales or perform taxable services in Iowa at any time during the year. When you attend a temporary event, such as AnimeIowa, you only need to provide the Marketplace staff with your name and address, along with your permanent tax permit number.

The process is simple, and you can start selling in Iowa as soon as you fill out the paperwork and either email, fax, or mail the application. You must have this number to sell in the Marketplace.  Remember  there is no fee to apply and receive your Iowa Sales Tax ID number.

Marketplace Vendor Access Hours are listed in the contract packet you receive each year when you apply to the Marketplace.  

Hours are subject to change before the date of the convention.

Please consider joining our Marketplace Discord Group for updates and information. 

**Take down begins at 4pm when the room closes. Tear down of booths should not begin until that time unless prior arrangements have been made. (Packing of overstock is preparation of leaving is allowed.) We ask that all personal/ company items, equipment, etc. be removed from the Marketplace by 8pm on Sunday, July 30, 2023. Your assigned area must be in condition to be returned to hotel control. (Exceptions to the allotted time can be made with approval of the marketplace department head.)

Merchants/Artists that require power, internet, phone, and Furnishings:

Internet, phone lines, and power are provided for a fee by Encore. The Hyatt has partnered with Encore to provide all the in-house technology including power and internet needs. Please read the Booth power, phone and internet form before filling it out. There is a contact name and email at the top right corner of the form for merchants/artists with questions.

You may bring additional tables/display stands and racks for your booth area as stated above.

Additional furnishings are available from Encore.  There will be a link provided so that Merchants and Artists can contact Encore directly for their additional needs.  Encore also provides a shipping and storage service for stock for your booth.  Do not ship directly to the hotel, they do not have adequate storage.

For all inquiries please email